JESSE WATTERS: America’s most prominent newspapers have spent a decade using race like a knife to divide us

Fox News host Jesse Watters explores how racism became a forefront of conversation in America on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

JESSE WATTERS: A small group of people has been picking at America’s most tender scab for about ten years. They’ve been working around the clock to convince you that the country is racist and that you’re racist. Sixty years after the Civil Rights Act, 15 years after electing the first Black president, as a Black vice president sits in the White House, half of America thinks the other half’s racist.  


So, how did we get here? We’ve been getting carpet-bombed with racial propaganda. Racial riots against police were fueled into our biggest cities. The media spread the “Hands up, don’t shoot” myth. Tragic shootings must have been good for business because America’s most prominent newspapers have spent a decade using race like a knife to divide us and what we’re showing you right now explains how newspapers use words like “White privilege,” “systemic racism” and “police brutality.” 

Racially explosive language, all of a sudden, ten years ago was injected into every major newspaper all at the same time – suspicious – and TV stations followed and put these words, like racism, in every single script, in every teleprompter. Americans started feeling guilty. Others felt angry. A lot of people felt defensive. The propaganda was working. 

By 2019, The New York Times and The Washington Post were publishing the word racism nearly 1,000% more than they did in 2011. The people who buy these newspapers, mostly college educated, White liberals, you know, the people that run New York, DC and the rest of the media, and all of the Democratic Party, now see racism as the biggest problem in America. 


White liberals started seeing racists everywhere – their neighbors, friends, coworkers – everyone is racist. People stopped talking to each other. H.R. complaints skyrocketed. Fake hate crimes started popping up everywhere, so did a lot of misunderstanding. A lot of people just stopped talking because talking about race became dangerous and everybody went to their corners again. Again, the propaganda was working.  

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