‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak goes missing during bonus round, leaving fans confused

Pat Sajak went missing in action during Wednesday’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

The game show host was replaced by “Wheel of Fortune” announcer Jim Thornton during the bonus round leaving many fans confused.

“Where is Pat Sajak for the final puzzle?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Where did Pat Sajak go for the last segment of tonight’s show?” another user asked the “Wheel of Fortune” account.

One user joked: “Y’all I done thought Pat Sajak straight died between takes.”

Pat Sajak stands behinds a barrier wearing a black suit and a patterned tie holding a card taping "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune"

Pat Sajak has hosted “Wheel of Fortune” since 1975. (Christopher Willard/ABC)


Turns out, the contestant was really just a fan of Thornton.

“I love Jim Thornton so much,” the contestant Sarah told Sajak at one point of the show, according to E! News. “And how could someone not? His voice is so soothing and energizing. He’s hilarious and just such a good person.”

“When I don’t hear his voice I worry about him,” she added. “So, I’m so glad he’s here.”

The “Wheel of Fortune” social media accounts even posted about the swap.

“Who’s this guy and what has he done with Pat?” the show captioned a clip shared to Twitter.

Sajak spent the final puzzle in the announcer booth, while Thornton hosted the show for a brief moment.


Jim Thornton replaces Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak was replaced by announcer Jim Thornton, right, for the bonus puzzle. (ABC)

The swap followed criticism of the show Tuesday night, when “Wheel of Fortune” fans slammed the game show after a contestant guessed a bonus puzzle incorrectly.

After player Angela guessed the letters “M, H, D, and O” to add to the “What Are You Doing?” category, she was faced with the prompt “_ O _ N _ N _ THE _ R _ _”

wheel of fortune puzzle

Angela failed to guess the bonus puzzle correctly. (ABC)

“Joining the cramp, joining the cra-, oop!” she answered after almost saying the word “crap.”

She failed to guess the correct answer – which was “Joining the Fray.” Angela still took home $20,563, but fans were outraged.

“#Angela on @WheelofFortune got a piece of CRAP bonus round. I have NEVER heard of ‘Joining the Fray’ before in my ENTIRE life. Can we get some kind of sponsor to give this woman a prize?” one Twitter user wrote. “What the hell kind of puzzle was that??? Come on now. ridiculous!!”

Another fan agreed with the comment and added, “Exactly!! I needed to get on Twitter and make sure I wasn’t the only one going ‘wtf is that!!'”

“Angela you had one hell of a night, Joining the fray who the hell ever comes up with something like that as that’s freaking ridiculous…BOOOOOOO WOF for that,” another upset user wrote.

Wheel of Fortune prize

Contestant Angela missed out on the $45,000 prize, but still took home $20,563. (ABC)


Fox News Digital’s Stephanie Giang-Paunon contributed to this report.

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