100 km will run on a single charge, Indian company Techo Electra is bringing electric bikes

The product portfolio of this EV (Electric Vehicle) startup company in Techo Electra, Pune includes Neo, Raptor, Emerge electric scooter and Saathi moped. According to a report published by Financial Express last year, Techo Electra is planning to launch a suitable electric bike in the street fighter style.

Needless to say, Kovid Nineteen caused some delays in implementing that plan. However, the picture of the upcoming e-bike of Taco Electra has been leaked this time. Looking at the picture of the bike published in Financial Express, the design of the Revolt RV400 electric bike has a lot in common with its design. The handlebars of the bike are also kept quite high. The bike uses two types of alloy wheels. The name of this bike of Teco Electra is not known However, looking at the picture, it is understood that its codename is ‘X3’.

The bike has disc brakes on both wheels. However, the presence of ABS is not noticed, but it is expected to be in the production model. According to reports, this e-bike will use a swipeable battery with fast charging. Once charged, its driving range can be more than 100 km. Its maximum speed is likely to be 60 km / h. The ex-showroom price of the electric bike may be around Rs 1.20 lakh.

If you buy e-scooters in the market now, you will find many companies’ options. However, in the context of electronic bikes, there are actually a few names. It remains to be seen whether Taco Electra will be able to bring this X3 codename electronic bike to production within the next year. In that case, after the launch, it will become the main competitor of the Revolt RV400 e-bike.