2 GB data per day at 199 rupees, BSNL is not close to Airtel from Geo


In order to win the hearts of the customers, BSNL is coming up with one new offer after another as well as renovating their old offers. For example, on the eve of Christmas, they have come up with a prepaid recharge plan of Tk 199 for the customers. This plan offers 2 GB of data daily with a validity of 30 days. For everyone’s information, at present no telecom operator offers 2 GB of data daily for less than Tk 200 recharge. As a result, there is no doubt that BSNL’s plan will attract customers, but despite announcing a Rs 199 plan, BSNL is lifting their old PV Rs 18 recharge plan. Besides, they are also making some changes in the Tk 996 recharge plan. Let us know about these plans of BSNL.

BSNL’s Rs 199 plan

First of all, I would like to say that from December 24, 2020, the recharge plan of Tk. 199 will be effective in various circles. In this case, the state-owned BSNL is providing daily 2 GB data benefit at least 25 percent less than other private telecom operators. Not only that, at the same time as a result of this recharge plan, the customer will get the service of voice calling and 100 SMS of any number for two and a half minutes daily. This whole package will come with 30 days validity. Earlier, BSNL’s PV 16 Taka recharge option used to provide 100 SMS and unlimited voice calling with 2 GB data per day. However, with the launch of the 199 taka recharge plan, BSNL PV is picking up the 18 taka recharge plan. From January 1, customers will not be able to enjoy the benefits of this plan.

So it is understood that the 199 taka recharge plan is going to replace the PV 16 taka plan. However, in this case, the benefit of unlimited voice calling is being left out. Although the daily data limit remains the same as before.

BSNL’s Rs 996 plan

Speaking of BSNL’s Rs 996 plan, the company is going to reform this data-only plan and bring it to the market in a new way. From now on, if you recharge the Tk 996 plan, the customer will get the benefit of using 3 GB of data daily with 240 days validity. At the same time you will get 60 days BSNL Tune subscription. This service is also effective from 24th December.

Earlier, however, 2 GB data per day was available on the Tk 996 recharge plan. In other words, if you recharged this plan, you would get 460 GB data benefit in 240 days. But with 3 GB of data per day, this offer will now come with the benefit of using 720 GB of data. However, this facility will be available by recharging between 24th December, 2020 to next March, 2021. After March, 2021, this recharge plan will go back to its old condition i.e. daily 2 GB data usage offer.