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No one can hack your Whatsapp, use these 3 features

Hitesh Maurya



We are more or less all using Whatsapp. That's where it became a more urgent app in the era of Work Form Home. It is very important to keep your chat safe at such times. For this reason, today we will tell you about 3 settings of WhatsApp that you need to know. Let's get started,

Two step authentication

Experts believe that this feature is very important for Whatsapp security. In this case the user has to set a PIN. As a result, no strangers will be able to use your Whatsapp. To turn it on, first go to Settings and then go to Account and turn on Two Step Verification.

Read Receipts

If you chat a lot on Whatsapp, then you should know about Read Receipts. By turning it off, no one else will know that you have seen their chat. To turn it on, first go to Settings, then go to Account. There you will find the Read Reciepts option in Privacy.

Fingerprint Lock

Not only for phone security, you can also use Fingerprint separately on WhatsApp. To turn it on, first go to Settings, there you will find the Fingerprint Lock feature in the Privacy option.


View This Driverless Waymo Taxi Block Visitors, Then Go on the Run




Girl exiting driverless Waymo taxi

What happens within those people self-driving Waymo taxi motor vehicles driving all over pick cities? Not as well numerous people know, but this scarce online video presents us a look at what can take place when issues go incorrect. This Waymo taxi gets puzzled by some orange cones, blocks targeted traffic, then operates from the response professional crew.

In select cities, the Waymo A person plan is up and running, exactly where standard people can hail a Waymo as an alternative of grabbing a taxi or ordering an Uber. This 7 days YouTuber JJRicks Studios shared a online video of a exceptional experience he took with a Waymo driverless robotaxi.

The first 50 percent of the vacation seems smooth, but later on the Waymo observed some orange targeted traffic cones and it all went downhill. The Waymo really should have built a right change onto the major highway, in the within lane as it really should, but never ever did. Instead, cones baffled it, and rather than altering or using the outdoors lane when it was protected, it just … stopped. Here’s the video for individuals intrigued in looking at. at?v=zdKCQKBvH-A

As you can see, the program on these autonomous vehicles often operates into a tricky spot. A Waymo remote team spotted the trouble and despatched a roadside assistant group out to assistance. Evidently, these roadside assistant teams are ordinarily only a couple miles absent.

The passenger, in this circumstance, JJRicks, bought a contact from Waymo’s remote group for guidance. As you watch the video clip unfold, you will see the self-driving motor vehicle finally would make the flip, gets trapped yet again, then panics. From listed here, it finally reverses away from the cones but then stops yet again, delaying even more site visitors.

As luck would have it, a close by development crew gets rid of the cones, and the Waymo starts off driving all over again, suitable as the roadside guidance crew shows up. Unfortunately, it receives stuck once again further down the road by extra cones. Oddly ample, each and every time the help staff showed up, the vehicle begun driving once more, essentially going on the run.

Close to the close of the online video, we at last saw the Waymo taxi surrender, and the staff members jumped in to determine matters out. Just keep in mind, really don’t choose, as this technologies is a perform in progress.

by means of The Verge

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