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Beware of this message, WhatsApp will actually crash

Hitesh Maurya



WhatsApp, the world's largest messaging platform, comes up with new updates for its users almost every day. The most common of these updates is protection from hackers. But this time a terrible text bomb has been caught on this largest messaging platform. This text bomb completely blocks your smartphone, and stops working on your smartphone completely for that time.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said in an emailed statement, “WhatsApp has already started rolling out a new security patch so you can get the latest software updates from iOS.” WhatsApp authorities said it would leave after the new update. And everyone on WhatsApp has been told to keep their app up to date at all times.

Where did this text bomb come from –

This new problem of WhatsApp has started from Brazil. This type of problem is very common in Brazil. From mid-August this new text bomb began to spread around the world.

This new text bomb is a special message where different special characters (#, ৳, ¶, •, ∆) are placed one after the other. These types of characters have no common sense, but if such messages come to your phone, your phone may be switched off. The main reason for this problem is that WhatsApp cannot read such messages. As a result, this type of text can actually hang your smart phone. The biggest problem is that once your phone is turned off, you can't open WhatsApp easily anymore.

So do not open the text from any unknown number. If possible, try to view that text from the notification panel. Then if you think that opening this message will not be a problem then open it. Because this type of text bomb can come from any number. This message can be forwarded to your WhatsApp not only from an unknown number but also from your known number.

Also, change the privacy setting of WhatsApp and use a setting so that only the people in your contacts can add you to any group. For this, go to the privacy settings option of WhatsApp and change the Add To Any Group settings to My Contacts. Let me tell you, there is no solution to this new text bomb problem. So always try to keep WhatsApp updated as much as you can, and ignore messages from any fake number.


Samsung, Google, and Fitbit Group up to (Possibly) Make Use OS Watches Suck A lot less




Samsung and Google together for Wear OS

It sounds like Google is acquiring severe about smartwatches. These days at Google’s yearly developer event, the firm announced a partnership to be a part of forces with Samsung by combining the “the most effective of Don OS and Tizen.” Primarily combining Samsung’s much better observe operating system with Google’s in an exertion to take on the Apple Enjoy.

Truthfully, for most persons, it is possibly the Apple Observe, Samsung View, or a Fitbit if you have Android. Google really dropped the ball when it arrives to the smartwatch. On the other hand, when you blend this transfer with Google’s modern acquisition of FitBit, issues could shape up relatively nicely in the months in advance.

So far, we’re not actually absolutely sure how cozy Samsung and Google are finding below, as they did not share far too a lot of facts on the collaboration. That stated, we do know the upcoming Galaxy Check out will eventually occur with Google applications and providers. It seems to be like Samsung will mix Tizen OS into Dress in OS, and both equally sides will assist every other. For now, they’re still calling it Use OS.

Google Wear OS getting more apps

Google is functioning on a slew of optimizations and tweaks to make applications greater, strengthen battery everyday living, and normally improve Android watches. The firm announced a suite of look at-optimized initial-bash apps for the new Have on OS.

Some of all those incorporate transform-by-change navigation in Maps, offline songs downloads to your watch in YouTube Audio with out a cellphone, and extra. All of which are lengthy overdue. Google suggests it’ll make tiles and interfaces less complicated to generate for builders with a new Tiles API and a bunch of enhanced shortcut options to develop into all those apps.

Samsung and Google Wear OS watch redesign

And finally, Google will proceed to combine its acquisition of Fitbit by utilizing its quality health and fitness and health and fitness products and services. Several of Fitbit’s very best features will come to Google’s new wearable operating program it’s making with Samsung, but they didn’t say which types. In addition, Fitbit will start new Put on OS-run fitness watches later this year.

This information just broke, so we really do not know too considerably nonetheless, but anticipate plenty of details in the future and forward of the all-new Have on OS launch later this fall.

through Google Blog

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