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Twelfth dropout on the fence, allegations of hacking underage girls' Instagram accounts and asking for 'bad' pictures: detailed report

Hitesh Maurya



Mumbai Cyber ​​Security Police have arrested a 20-year-old man recently. He is currently charged under the Cyber ​​Hacking, Cyber ​​Stockings, Blackmail and Child Pornography Act. Reports have surfaced that the young man is a Class XII dropout and a resident of Gujarat.

According to police sources, the accused hacked the girls' Instagram accounts and demanded that they send nude photos and videos. And if that girl doesn't send the serum video, then the episode of her blackmail begins. In various ways he started blackmailing those girls and threatened to make their bad pictures viral.

According to media reports, a case has been filed against the youth under the Poxo 2012 Act. Already, pictures of about 600 girls have been found on the young man's phone and other devices. Police say the young man was planning to sell the images on various pornographic websites. But if the young man has already sold the picture, it will be very difficult to remove the picture from the sites.

Mumbai Police DCP Rashmi Karandikar said, “We started the investigation after receiving a complaint from the family of six girls. After searching for several days, it was possible to arrest the young man from Gujarat. An FIR has been filed against him and the case will be heard in a Maharashtra court. It is learned that the name of the accused is Alfaz Jamani and it has been decided to keep him in police custody till September 12. ”

He added, “The young man was running an Instagram account in the name of 16 different girls. And he contacted over 600 girls. 600 of them sent their pictures. And her main target has always been underage girls. “


Beats Studio Professional Leak Shows Apple Ditching the Ear Hooks, Introducing ANC




A render of the Buds based on leaked images.
A render of the Buds based on leaked photos. Steve Moser

An graphic learned in the iOS and tvOS 14.6 betas reveals the layout for Apple’s approaching Beats Studio Buds. Not only are they the 1st wi-fi earbuds from Apple without having a stem or earhook, but they may perhaps be the very first Beats earbuds with ANC.

Without their signature ear hook, the Beats Studio Professional glimpse similar to earbuds from Samsung and other Apple competition. However, they’re uncomplicated to differentiate from prior Beats earbuds, which could be Apple’s objective. Rumors advise that Apple will also shave down the stems on its 2nd gen AirPods Professional, which may possibly release later on this year.

The Beats Studio Buds in black, white, and red.
The leaked picture of Beats Studio Buds. MacRumors

Like other Apple headphones, the Beats Studio Pro will link to your Apple iphone or iPad mechanically when put in the vicinity of your machine (which is why there are photos of the earbuds in the iOS beta). While we do not know a lot about the earbuds’ characteristics, 9to5Mac reports that they will be the initially Beats earbuds with ANC, a assert based on the iOS 14.6 code.

We really don’t know when Apple will release the Beats Studio Professional, but simply because they’re included in the iOS 14.6 code, there’s a chance that they’ll start ahead of the iOS 14.6 update. Regretably, we do not know when the update will drop possibly. Our greatest guess is that iOS 14.6 will debut in June when Apple launches lossless audio for Apple New music, but once more, it’s just a guess.

Supply: MacRumors

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