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See what special car ‘Bahubali’ Prabhas gifted to his gym trainer

Hitesh Maurya



Southern superstar Bahubali famous Prabhas has been trending on social media for some time now. He recently gifted a luxury car to his favorite gym trainer. Recently on Twitter, Prabhas was seen in a frame with his gym trainer Lakshman Reddy and his family. They had a car with them, which Prabhas gifted to his gym trainer. Prabhas said that he gratefully gifted the car to his gym trainer. Let me tell you, this gym trainer has been training with Prabhas for 6 long years.

According to sources, Prabhas used to consult his gym trainer during the shooting of his Bollywood film 'Saho'. Shraddha Kapoor was seen opposite Prabhas in this film. The buzz in the industry is that Prabhas gifted the car to his gym trainer in gratitude for helping with all the action sequences in the film.

This car is Jaguar's very popular car Range Rover Velar. And currently the price of this car is 83.30 lakh rupees (ex showroom price). The on-road price of the car is around Rs 90 lakh. Popular car company Jaguar has started making this car since last year. The design of this car is great, and it has a number of features ঃ such as LED lights, flash door handles, and an integrated rear spoiler. Inside the car, on the other hand, there are two integrated touchscreens and a minimalist control standard. This car can view fullscreen maps, use the phone and run other social media.

Naturally, Prabhas gym trainer Lakshan Reddy is very happy to get this luxury car as a gift. By the way, Laxman Reddy won the Mr. World competition in 2010 and he is one of the top gym trainers in India.


Beats Studio Professional Leak Shows Apple Ditching the Ear Hooks, Introducing ANC




A render of the Buds based on leaked images.
A render of the Buds based on leaked photos. Steve Moser

An graphic learned in the iOS and tvOS 14.6 betas reveals the layout for Apple’s approaching Beats Studio Buds. Not only are they the 1st wi-fi earbuds from Apple without having a stem or earhook, but they may perhaps be the very first Beats earbuds with ANC.

Without their signature ear hook, the Beats Studio Professional glimpse similar to earbuds from Samsung and other Apple competition. However, they’re uncomplicated to differentiate from prior Beats earbuds, which could be Apple’s objective. Rumors advise that Apple will also shave down the stems on its 2nd gen AirPods Professional, which may possibly release later on this year.

The Beats Studio Buds in black, white, and red.
The leaked picture of Beats Studio Buds. MacRumors

Like other Apple headphones, the Beats Studio Pro will link to your Apple iphone or iPad mechanically when put in the vicinity of your machine (which is why there are photos of the earbuds in the iOS beta). While we do not know a lot about the earbuds’ characteristics, 9to5Mac reports that they will be the initially Beats earbuds with ANC, a assert based on the iOS 14.6 code.

We really don’t know when Apple will release the Beats Studio Professional, but simply because they’re included in the iOS 14.6 code, there’s a chance that they’ll start ahead of the iOS 14.6 update. Regretably, we do not know when the update will drop possibly. Our greatest guess is that iOS 14.6 will debut in June when Apple launches lossless audio for Apple New music, but once more, it’s just a guess.

Supply: MacRumors

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