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Geo again changes Unlimited Data Pack, now customers will get 1 Mbps speed

Hitesh Maurya



Reliance Jio, India's largest telecom company, has redesigned all of its Geo Fiber plans. This time customers will get unlimited internet offer. With this broadband plan, users will get unlimited internet for only Tk. 399. However, even if users get unlimited data, there will be a data limit from now on.

Geo is offering 3,300 GB of high speed internet data to their fiber users. Once this limit is exceeded, the user's internet speed will be increased to 1 Mbps. Users will then get unlimited data at 1 Mbps speed.

It is good to know that Geo has changed their terms and conditions within a week of announcing their Unlimited Bundle Plan. Along with this Geo has come up with an offer of auto upgrade to their fiber customers through a trial period. Using this offer, users will be able to use the trial facility on their next billing cycle.

For this they have to select the trial 'facility option. Users need to select a new plan to upgrade the offer. For example, if you use the Rs 649 Silver Plan, you will need to recharge the new Rs 999 Gold Plan. Users will get trial benefits by recharging this plan.


GoPro’s New 3-Way 2. Mount is a Superior Tripod, Selfie Stick, and Grip




A GoPro on a 3-Way mount in tripod mode

GoPro’s original 3-Way mount is a perfectly-appreciated accent that cuts down on the quantity of grips you could possibly have for your films. But it isn’t ideal, and the tripod, in individual, is flimsy. The new $69.99 3-Way 2. fixes that thanks to an overhaul that enhances the design and style whilst respecting the previous.

The primary 3-Way mount tucked a tripod alternative into its grip. You pulled it out, screwed it into the bottom of the grip, and put it down. But it was not a incredibly sturdy tripod, which restricted its usefulness for lengthy photographs like a time-lapse.

A GoPro on a 3-Way mount in compact tripod mode


The enhance 3-Way 2. forgoes that design and style in favor of a extra durable selection. Now the bottom of the grip splits into a tripod mode, with 3 much larger and heftier legs holding the grip up. You will nevertheless get a selfie adhere manner that advantages from a hinged style and design you can use to disguise the pole from your photographs. And it supports a straight grip method as effectively, great for extensive classes that may well normally tire out your hand.

But the enhanced tripod is not the only update on display. The grip now works by using a buckle mount in spot of the old finger mount. You are going to need the other half of the buckle mount to connect your GoPro to the 3-Way, but GoPro cameras normally occur with that. And thanks to the new design and style, transferring your GoPro from the 3-Way to other components (which frequently also use buckle mounts) need to be much easier.

And just less than the mount is a new ball joint that will allow you pivot the digicam or swivel it 360 degrees so you can consider the perfect shot.

The GoPro 3-Way 2. mount is $69.99. You can obtain it from the company’s web-site. If you want to help you save a couple of bucks and really don’t head the outdated tripod model, you can obtain the first design on Amazon (for at minimum a small for a longer period).

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