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Police arrested 8 people with fake Xiaomi products worth Tk 33 lakh




Police arrested 8 people with fake Xiaomi products worth Tk 33 lakh

We rely more on the offline market than online to buy smartphones or other mobile related accessories. But the scattering of counterfeit products in the local market proved once again. Recently, a cycle of selling fake Xiaomi products has been caught in Bangalore and Chennai. A total of Tk 33.2 lakh worth of fake products were found from them. Police have arrested a total of eight people in the ring, who had around 3,000 “unauthorized” products.

An official statement was issued by Xiaomi shortly after the arrest. According to the statement, all these counterfeit products included mobile back covers, headphones, power banks, chargers, earphones, etc. Defendants testified that they had been in the business for a long time and had already sold many unauthorized products.

According to Xiaomi, they found out about the scam a few months ago and lodged a complaint with the local police station. Police conducted raids at various places throughout October and November. From there, counterfeit products were confiscated from various reputed shops. The products were received from four vendors in Chennai and three in Bangalore.

By the way, this is the first time that Xiaomi’s fake product has not been found in the market. Last year, a cycle of counterfeit Mi products was also caught in Delhi. A complaint was first lodged at the Corolla Bagh police station. A search was then conducted in the Gaffar Market area. 2,000 counterfeit products worth about Rs 13 lakh were seized from the operation last year. Some of these products were not officially launched in India.

How to recognize Xiaomi’s counterfeit products?

1. The packaging quality of the counterfeit product is very different from the original product. So you can look at the original packaging from Mi Home or Mi Store to identify the real-fake.

2. Shaomi’s product comes with a security code that can be checked from You can check these codes from the website to beware of counterfeit products.

3. Another easy way to identify counterfeit products is to check the logo. The logo of the counterfeit product must be different from the original. So be sure to check the Mi India logo when buying Mi products.

4. The Mi Fit app will have compatibility with fitness products like the Mi Band. This is also a way to identify the real product.

Therefore, keeping these things in mind can save you from buying counterfeit products. Xiaomi is also very active in protecting customers from counterfeit products. Besides, if the customer is also aware, then the sale of such fake products will stop.


Kate Garraway – Obtaining Derek overview: The cruelty of prolonged-Covid




Kate Garraway - Finding Derek review: The cruelty of long-Covid

e’re all just attempting to get by way of it at the instant – but, god, some of us are getting to get via a large amount much more than other individuals. Good Early morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway’s partner, psychotherapist and former political advisor Derek Draper, was hospitalised at the conclusion of March 2020 with Covid-19 – and he’s nevertheless in clinic nowadays. By now your intellect could possibly quickly mute itself at the point out of the s***-display that is coronavirus – mine certainly does – but this new documentary fronted by Garraway about her family’s hellish past 12 months is important viewing. It forces us to confront how unsure the upcoming is for victims of prolonged-Covid, a debilitating affliction which stays a mystery to medical doctors. But it is also a moving portrait of how we cling to love and hope when that’s seriously all we have acquired.

Immediately after staying place on a ventilator early in the pandemic, it was contact-and-go for Draper. He survived the virus, but it experienced wreaked havoc on his body, from his lungs to his liver, his kidney to his heart. He did not mouth a term right up until September – it was ‘pain’ – and he did not present emotion right up until November, when he burst into tears. All the whilst, Garraway has been keeping each individual single copy of his Money Moments for him and wanting to know why the virus impacted him so significantly. “He’s the cleverest man or woman I have ever satisfied,” she says. “Is that gone?”

Element of what helps make the documentary so watchable is Garraway herself. She’s not below to harangue everyone – she knows Draper’s scenario is excessive. A staple of breakfast telly, she’s sunshine personified and endearingly unaffected. She allows us into her messy residence, hair unbrushed she laughs and she cries, but she normally returns to a cheery, no-nonsense, let us-get-on-with-it mind-set. In a taxi to work – after a five-thirty day period absence – she tells us how Draper’s body, which has by now shed 8 stone, is no extended having foods. “So, that was yesterday’s drama,” she states, issue-of-fact. In her dressing home, she declares: “Right. I consider we need added concealer today.”

Derek Draper and Kate Garraway

/ PA

She’s often prepared to confront the toughest truths and question the most hard thoughts – if she could just get an answer – and the documentary is in the same way unflinching. It features a initially-hand glimpse of the severity of Draper’s affliction, as a result of footage on Garraway’s cellphone. It severely shocked me. In November, just after some enhancements, his mental state has deteriorated. “Kate, there’s no way out. I have received to the stage in which I just believe, f*** it,” he tells her. “As in – die?” she asks. “Yes, I don’t know how to cope,” he replies. It’s no-holds-barred, and harrowing to witness.

Stunning also is Garraway’s job interview with a nurse struggling from the problem. Her case is classed as mild, but she’s been not able to return to perform, remaining with small-phrase memory reduction to the extent she can no more time cook, as she forgets she’s set the hob on. “We’re battling for our lives in an unfamiliar environment. We’re in unchartered waters, where medical doctors can just glimpse on in horror due to the fact nothing we know is performing,” she claims. “There’s a restrict to what a particular person can endure.”

We are all eaten by questions about what article-Covid existence is heading to appear like, but Garraway reveals that, for some, these questions have substantially larger stakes. As Draper’s affliction increases, she has the home equipped with wheelchair ramps, and moves their bedroom downstairs. But it leaves her asking herself what lies in advance – if she’ll have to stop her job to turn out to be his carer, irrespective of whether she wants to mourn their relationship and put together for anything distinct. These are the only times when we get the slightest trace of her despair. Look at that to before scenes in the film, where she goes by way of piles of photograph frames and suggests how the pair stored which means to get spherical to placing them on the wall. It is cruel to see how Covid has infiltrated a content marriage.

When she’s requested why she desired to make the movie, Garraway mentioned it feels essential for people today to see it. “Unless you’re close, you really don’t know what it’s like.” What we see will be surprising for quite a few. But if we want to have an understanding of the marks Covid-19 is heading to go away, we need to observe.

Kate Garraway: Acquiring Derek is on ITV on Tuesday, 23 March at 9pm

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