Even if written in English, Google will show search results in different regional languages ​​including Bengali in India



With Indians in mind, Google recently added multiple new language features to their various platforms. From now on, Google can be used ‘easily and accurately’ in regional languages ​​other than Hindi and English. Google has officially announced this at their L10n event. Also today Google unveiled their new developed multilingual model ‘MuRIL’. Please be informed that MuRIL is the free and open source of TensorFlow Hub. It currently supports 16 more Indian languages, including English.

Among the platforms that Google has added new language features, Google Search is the first to be mentioned. Until now, Google search users have been able to get search results in both Hindi and English. But from now on, Google will also show search results in four more Indian languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi. As a result, if you search for a regional language by typing in English, Google will now publish search results in both English and provincial languages. In this case, people who have knowledge of English and another provincial language will benefit the most. That’s why Google has announced a new update next month.

After Google search, let’s talk about Google Assistant. From now on, users of this platform can easily choose the language of their choice. Go to the app settings and select the desired language. Google has shown in their statistics that one out of every three users in India uses provincial language to use Google Assistant. Overall, about 50 percent of app users prefer to view content in other provincial languages.

Similarly, Google Lens recently added the ‘Homework’ feature, which allows one to solve complex math problems. It is currently available in Hindi and English. To use this feature, you need to take a picture of the question with Google Lens. Once you do this, Google will offer you step-by-step solutions and explanations.


I have already said that MuRIL is a multilingual model of Google whose full name is Multilingual Representations for Indian Languages. As a result of the new update, it is now much more effective than before. This allows Google to easily understand and interpret Hindi text written in the Roman alphabet.

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