Receiving a message to earn 5000 rupees daily on WhatsApp? Don’t forget to step into the trap



‘Lost your job during Corona?’ ‘Want to earn 5,000 rupees a day?’ Or ‘Want to know how to make a lot of money in a very short time’ – is there any such message forwarded on your WhatsApp? If so, be careful not to fall into the trap. Because in that case it is big Can be a victim of fraud. Important personal information, bank details and even all the savings in the account may disappear! Yes, criminals and fraudsters are using this method to cheat people through WhatsApp. They are tempting the endangered person first by showing greed for job and fat mine and then doing him financial loss. So if any such message comes to you, please do not click on its link.

Fraud through WhatsApp is not a new phenomenon. No matter how much this messaging app owned by Facebook strengthens their security, the fraudsters find a loophole and get their work done. In the covid-episode they are trying to fool people again by taking advantage of human misery. In this case, they are spreading fake messages. Unemployed boys and girls are being given job baits in most cases through these messages. Initially, messages like ‘You are Lucky’ or ‘Earn Money in the Fastest Way’ are included in the messages to gain the credibility of the user. He is then advised to click on a special link which is basically a ploy to steal his personal information, bank account details or necessary documents.

In fact, rational people need to know that there is no shortcut to making money. This requires long work. But now due to the current state of the job market, people are easily falling into the trap of fraudsters. Our advice to them is that they are a kind of psychological bait that is now widely used by criminals.

Not just messages, but fraudulent voice calls on WhatsApp have increased. Through this, unscrupulous individuals or organizations send an audio recording to the user, claiming that the user has won a lottery of Rs 25 lakh or more. In many cases random KBC lottery images are included. The winner is asked to contact the designated bank branch to receive the prize money. In this case they provide up to a number of so-called branch managers. The fraudster then presses the user to call that number via WhatsApp. And when you call, you are requested to send some money first to get the winning money.

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