This year’s Best Camera, Performing, Battery Phone Which, See List of Flipkart Mobile Awards



Based on the votes of more than 1 lakh customers, Flipkart has published the list of this year’s Mobile Awards. As expected, voters chose Apple’s iPhone 12 series as the best in four of the 11 categories. The Best Camera Phone, Fast Performing Phone, Best in Design, and Unmatched Flagship Phone have won the iPhone 12 series. The title of Most Epic Selfie Phone has been lost to the Vivo V20 for a short time.

Realme is next to Apple in the award list for being the best in 3 categories. Samsung has a prize. Samsung F41 has been the best in the Best Battery Powerhouse category. On the other hand, Micromax got the title of Best Debut Brand in 2020. Let’s take a look at the list of who is the best in which category, Karai or got second and third place.

Best Camera Phone

First – iPhone 12 Series
Second- Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Third- Pixel 4a

Fastest Performing Phones

First – iPhone 12 Series
Second- Asus Rog 3
Third – Samsung Note 20

Best Battery Powerhouse

First- Samsung F41
Second- Asus Rog 3
Third- Realme 7 Pro

Best In Design

First – iPhone 12 Series
Second- Samsung Note 20 Ultra
Third – Vivo V20

Best Gaming Phones

First- Asus Rog 3
Second- Poco X3
Third- iQOO 3

Entertainment Superstar

First – Realme 7 Pro
Second- Samsung F41
Third- Poco X3

Most Epic Selfie Phones

First- Vivo V20
Second – iPhone 12 Series
Third – Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Supreme Mid-range Phones

First- Poco M2 Pro
Second- Realme 7
Third- Samsung F41

Finest ‘Value For Money’ Phones

First- Narzo 20 A
Second- Poco C3
Third- Realme C15

Unmatched Flagship Phones

First – iPhone 12 Series
Second- Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Third- Realme X3 Superzoom

Best Innovation of 2020

First – Realme X50 Pro (5G)
Second- LG Wing
Third- Moto RAZR

Best Debut Brand of 2020

First- Micromax
Second- Narzo
Third- iQOO

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