Troll calls Vikrant Massey ‘misogynist’ soon after he writes ‘Dainty Very little Princesses’ in a tweet actor hits back with a sarcastic apology | Bollywood Bubble

Troll calls Vikrant Massey 'misogynist' after he writes ‘Dainty Little Princesses’ in a tweet; actor hits back with a sarcastic apology | Bollywood Bubble

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Vikrant Massey been given criticism on Twitter right after he tweeted about the postponement of Parliament session until 2021. It so took place that in his tweet, Vikrant identified as parliament members ‘Dainty small princesses’ after which he was called ‘misogynist’.

He tweeted, “We can have huge election rallies, a short Monsoon session for the duration of the peak, but no Winter session…Why? Cos we’re in the center of a pandemic. Dainty small princesses!!!,” to which a Twitter person slammed him tweeting, “You could condemn this government’s cowardice and not be a misogynist at the exact same time. Consider that, it is not that complicated.”

Vikrant replied back questioning the person, “Misogyny??? Cos I named them dainty princesses? Like very seriously? I guess we can tranquil a bit down generally and get the gist of what I’m declaring.”

In yet another tweet, he wrote, “Guys! Just take it easy. That is not what I meant. I would under no circumstances. Apologies if offended any one. At the identical time, Thank You for restoring my perception that Twitter is a shit-gap. Thank you. Have a excellent night.”

In a sarcastic tone, he also apologised by using a further tweet stating it was never his ‘intention’. Also, he termed Twitter a ‘shit-hole’.

Study his complete tweet in this article.

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