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Attempts to trap Indians by using festive cell as a tool, China in debate again





Holding a special sale in October this year, e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart have received a huge response from Indian customers. These festive cells were also given the adjective ‘record breaking’ in various news. But the recent report that has come in front of Techgap, your eyes are forced to rise to the forehead! Sources claim that Chinese hacking groups have tried to use these cells during the festive season to harass the Indians again. According to the report, some fraudsters in China’s Guangdong and Henan provinces tried to trap shoppers during the sale on online shopping platforms.

According to the New Delhi-based CyberPeace Foundation, Chinese scammers targeted Flipkart’s customers through a scam called ‘Spin the Lucky Wheel’. A similar scam was created for Amazon’s Great Indian Festival called the Amazon Big Billion Day Sale. In these scams, Indian buyers were asked to click on some links in a bid to win attractive prizes. It was even claimed that many of these games won smartphones as prizes. All of these domain links were found registered with an organization called Fang Xiao Qing in Guangdong and Henan Province, China. Hackers have reportedly registered these domains on Alibaba’s cloud computing platform.

Vinit Kumar, founder and head of the Cyberpeace Foundation, says the e-commerce scandal is nothing new, but the worry is that Chinese cyber warfare companies are repeatedly secretly attacking India. According to Vineet, with more than 100 crore Indians shopping online in the October sale, a large number of people are likely to be involved in such scams. These scams were more active in Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions of the country, as internet users in those regions were less aware of such scams.

However, it is not yet clear what the hackers wanted to achieve through this scam. But as we always advise, be careful when shopping from online platforms. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Also, do not click on any kind of game or link while spending time on social media or internet.


Damien Hirst at Gagosian review: fag-packet suggestions with minimal influence




Damien Hirst at Gagosian review: fag-packet ideas with minimal impact

irst the good news: there are some remarkable works in the initially exhibit in Damien Hirst’s 12 months-extensive “takeover” of Gagosian’s Britannia Avenue area, Damien Hirst: Reality Paintings and Sculptures. Take Most cancers (2003), a cabinet of guides stuffed with oncological tomes. The surgical steel and glass cabinet and the neutral, academic spines of the textbooks belie the brutality of cancer, its devastation of the human body. Hirst has always been good at drawing jointly science, belief and worry.

But Cancer stands out for the reason that virtually everything all over it is so dull and, oddly for Hirst, so directionless. No matter what the deserves of his discrete bodies of get the job done, they are inclined at least to be coherent conceptually. This display, although, is a mess.

Papillio palinurus in Achillea millefolium, 2009

/ Damien Hirst and Science Ltd.

The idea driving the Fact paintings – close renderings in of photographic imagery – and sculptures – replicas of genuine objects and daily things — is that they problem ideas of fact and fact. But the imagery is sprawling and unfocused. Butterflies on flowers and fruit and a woman snorkelling with a dolphin are as forgettable as inventory push shots. There’s a anonymous artwork collector with just one of Hirst’s location paintings, the artist Michael Craig-Martin, who taught Hirst, with his renowned diamond cranium, and Hirst himself, reflected in glass as he snaps one particular of his anatomical versions in a cabinet.

We’re explained to to see the paintings together as a kind of self-portrait, marking Hirst’s existence and job. But how does one of the much more modern paintings, Notre-Dame on Fire (2019) suit with that narrative? Regardless of what, it’s an emblem of the series’ abject failure — an occasion that stunned and traumatised hundreds of thousands which, when rendered with the Fact paintings’ meticulous lifelessness, prompts nothing at all more than a shrug.

If everything, most of the sculptures are worse, like the replicas of a tea tent Hirst has encountered at snooker tournaments, an unfinished kitchen device with an unplumbed sink, a stack of shelves with cardboard packing containers from Hirst’s studio.

Notre-Dame on Fireplace, 2019

/ Damien Hirst and Science Ltd

I stored contemplating: why? Visually, they are unspeakably tedious. Do they serve any symbolic or intellectual objective? It beats me. In the meantime, in developing a extensive outsized scalpel Hirst turns an object that in its initial, handheld variety has a miraculous cold lethality into an impotent bauble.

The operates that initially greet you are a series of conventional jewelry cupboards based mostly on these at Bentley and Skinner, who produced the diamond cranium, accompanied by rubbish bags and green bins. A position so evident, it beggars belief.

I retained pondering of the time and strength it took to make these works – the 1000’s of several hours committed by Hirst’s military of painters, assistants, technicians and fabricators. Still most of the parts simply cannot have taken extra than a handful of seconds to believe up. So significantly of the Reality series should not have received past the again of the fag packet.

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