Voice and video calling feature for WhatsApp web users


Photo: WABetaInfo

A few days ago we announced that Whatsapp is going to bring voice and video calling feature in its web version. As a result, Whatsapp Web users will be able to take advantage of these two features very quickly. Many WhatsApp users have now discovered two features of voice and video calling in their web / desktop versions. For now, two features have been rolled out for certain users as part of Whatsapp Web Beta testing. But our expectation is that in a few days WhatsApp will start rolling out two of these features for their standard web / desktop version users. MacOS and Windows users will also be able to take advantage of the features through the desktop app.

The web / desktop version of the voice and video calling feature may be called ‘Whatsapp Calls’. WABetaInfo claims that for the time being, some beta users of the WhatsApp web / desktop can use the new feature on an experimental basis. In this case, there are two buttons for voice and video calling at the top of their chat screen. If a user receives a voice or video call, a new pop-up window opens on the screen. Here you will find the option to accept or decline the phone. When you receive a call, options like Switching to Video Call, Mute the call and End to End Call will appear on the pop-up screen.

Whatsapp Web or desktop version will require a mobile phone with a WhatsApp account for voice calling. In this case it is important to have internet connection. WhatsApp users can then scan the specific QR Code to log in to the Whatsapp Web / Desktop version.

Please note that voice and video calling features have not been added to any web or desktop version of Macbook Air so far. It is not yet known exactly when WhatsApp web / desktop users will be able to use the two features in the stable version.

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