The RedmiBook Pro 14S comes with AMD’s Ryzen 7 5700U processor

The RedmiBook Pro 14S comes with AMD's Ryzen 7 5700U processor

Xiaomi has entered the market of smartphones as well as laptops. Xiaomi’s Mi NoteBook series of laptops have already received a good response from consumers. To maintain that continuity, the company started working on another laptop. The name of this laptop is RedmiBook Pro 14S and it will be launched as a successor model of Redmibook 14. This upcoming laptop from Xiaomi is spotted on GeekBench with AMD’s Ryzen 7 5700U chipset. There, the RedmiBook Pro 14S outperforms its predecessor RedmiBook 14 in terms of performance thanks to AMD’s latest chipset.

Geekbench listing for the RedmiBook Pro 14S

The Redmi Book Pro 14S laptop performed great on GeekBench. There, this laptop running on Ryzen 7 5700U chipset has been able to score 26 percent more than AMD’s last generation Ryzen 4700U on the currently available RedmiBook 14 laptop. So it goes without saying that this new laptop will be more powerful than the previous model.

The RedmiBook Pro 14S was benchmarked on GeekBench 5 and CPU performance was measured based on multi-core testing. Recently, Geekbench’s list of multiple laptops of different brands was seen with AMD Raizen ৭ 5600U, now the latest addition to that list is Shaomi’s Redmibook Pro 14S.

Please be informed that AMD’s latest Ryzen 7 5700U has eight cores and sixteen threads. As a result, in the multi-core test, it was able to score 8,431 points, surpassing 5,018 points of 4700U. At the moment, however, no information is available about the specifications of this upcoming laptop from Xiaomi other than the benchmark score.

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