Bigg Boss 14 Composed Updates, Day 78: Contestants appear out all guns blazing in evictions | Bollywood Bubble

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates, Day 78: Contestants come out all guns blazing in evictions | Bollywood Bubble

That dreaded time when contestants nominate each and every other for eviction is in this article and each individual and every housemate is at the edge of their seat. No just one would like to depart the residence and each and every contestant is playing their A-Activity. This time, Bigg Boss gives a incredibly novel way to the contestants to nominate each individual other. He provides them a fiery paint gun with which they can nominate the prospect they truly feel does not deserve to be in the house.

The initially just one to hearth is Rahul Vaidya who goes following the couple Rubina and Abhinav. Whilst he feels that Abhinav does not are entitled to to be in the home as he is boring, he also fires at Rubina for currently being quite authoritative and impolite. Abhinav in change, fires at Rahul Vaidya and Arshi Khan. He suggests his reason for firing Arshi is her carry out to Vikas Gupta. Arshi, much too, chooses to focus on Abhinav and tells him to not use Vikas Gupta’s title to get sympathy.

Bigg Manager improvements the match absolutely as Vikas Gupta re-enters the house like a boss. Arshi, of all folks, is stunned to see him back and even presents him tea! While Arshi appears to be totally nonchalant about Vikas’ entry, it’s apparent that she was absolutely taken aback. Vikas is seen speaking with the housemates who are all extremely happy to see him back again.


Who will be the contestant nominated for eviction? Will Vikas and Arshi go on their rivalry?

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