Maddam Sir actress Gulki Joshi on the Maharashtra Shakti Monthly bill: I will not say that the invoice is entirely improper but some details are skipped | Bollywood Bubble

Maddam Sir actress Gulki Joshi on the Maharashtra Shakti Bill: I don't say that the bill is totally wrong but some points are missed | Bollywood Bubble

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There has been a short while ago a heated debate on the Maharashtra Shakti Bill. Numerous actors have even reacted to it and shared their impression on the bill. ‘Maddam Sir’ actress Gulki Joshi has a way too diverse feeling on the invoice.

Sharing her view on the invoice, Gulki advised us, “I know the whole motto of the invoice is to control the crimes versus women and youngsters, by possessing provisions(in the bill) for stern punishment which include the loss of life penalty, lifestyle sentence, and hefty fines versus perpetrators.”

She included, “I don’t say that the invoice is completely mistaken but some factors are missed. The points right here not highlighted in the monthly bill is the point out of consent or the that means of it. For case in point- in several instances an accused can effortlessly get the plea of consent with this kind of an rationalization in the court docket, creating it difficult for the prosecution to create rape. On a secondary be aware, the punishment like the dying penalty poses a risk to the lives of the target.”

“The monthly bill has some provisions that the whole country wishes but pretty much it is still not relevant as each coin has two sides. I am also content with the time remaining lessened for the action to be taken in conditions of trial and investigation. Also with the penalty for social media defamation and harassment. Even who doesn’t want to see the accused obtaining the dying penalty for this sort of a heinous crime? But in the conclusion, you can’t ignore the other facet of the bill”, Gulki concluded.

For the unversed, the ‘Shakti bill’ by the Uddhav Thackeray-led government is to suppress sexual offences from women of all ages and youngsters.

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