‘Fan’ actress Shikha Malhotra opens up about recovering from stroke claims, “Not certain when I will be in a position to stroll once again” | Bollywood Bubble

‘Fan’ actress Shikha Malhotra opens up about recovering from stroke; says, "Not sure when I will be able to walk again" | Bollywood Bubble

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‘Fan’ actress Shikha Malhotra who is also a frontline warrior as she is a registered nurse. A graduate degree in nursing from Vardhaman Mahavir Professional medical School and Safrdarjung Medical center Shikha experienced volunteered to help amidst the pandemic.

But, Shikha was hit with an unfortunate established of gatherings as she suffered from a stroke. But Shikha is on the Street to recovery now. According to an IANS report, owing to the stroke, the ‘Fan’ actress’ right side had been terribly affected.

In and job interview with Navbharat Occasions, Shikha opened up about her health and reported, “My overall health is bettering but the approach is gradual. I’m not certain when I will be ready to stroll once again.” She further included, “I am helpless with my overall body but my heart will get elated when I consider of my film Kaanchli in which I have played the direct function.”

Shikha was at first admitted to Mumbai’s Cooper Healthcare facility but she was later moved to KEM Medical center when she was not enhancing much. She claimed, “I am heading by means of a tough period in my lifestyle and I have to have everyone’s assistance. I am passionate about my operate and I just need to have a minor force from the viewers.” 

Getting to her Instagram account, Shikha updated her lovers about her well being. Sharing a photograph with her mother she worte, “Recovering with my tremendous girl my mumma’s adore ♥️ n with all of yours prayers huge appreciate respect and care🙌coming again to normal💫🙏My humble request is to Be sure to retain observing my debut hindi attribute movie kaanchli 🌠 all my hardwork my newest release on “Ultra film parlour” directed by Dedipya joshii ji💥need your support always🤝 @kaanchlithefilm @dedipya_formal @shobha_official #coronafighternurse #coronawarriorsindia 🇮🇳👩‍⚕️(sic)”

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