Bigg Manager 14 Prepared Updates, Working day 80: The ‘Hot Air Balloon’ activity sees Arshi Khan & Vikas Gupta clash for captaincy! | Bollywood Bubble

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates, Day 80: The 'Hot Air Balloon' task sees Arshi Khan & Vikas Gupta clash for captaincy! | Bollywood Bubble

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The rank of a Captain is one of the most coveted positions in the ‘Bigg Boss‘ property. Housemates make confident they earn any activity at hand to claim the captaincy, and most of the time it prospects to clashes amidst the contestants.

This time, it’s the ‘Hot Air Balloon’ undertaking whereby the housemates have to hang bags of the individuals they want to nominate to be out of the race as Captain. One immediately after the other, the housemates have to enter the scorching air balloon and toss the bag of the contestant they really feel does not should have to be Captain of the home.

Arshi Khan decides that she will nominate her old rival Vikas Gupta who has re-entered the residence. Not one particular to go out a 2nd time, Vikas does not allow Arshi to nominate him. He is in it to acquire it and admits that he decides to do whatever it will take to acquire the race.

Arshi receives psychological at this stage and bursts into tears. Not just Vikas, she even accuses the other housemates of tricking her into acquiring fights with Vikas.

When Arshi enters the balloon, it would seem like she is obtaining a sudden modify of heart! She states that she feels Vikas can make a significantly improved Captain than Rahul Mahajan and a stunned Rahul seems to be on. He tries to remind her that Vikas is her major rival but Arshi stands there puzzled. The other housemates check out to affect Arshi and Rahul states that they are all just filling her ears and that she ought to make her have decision.

Will Arshi Khan opt for her most important rival Vikas Gupta over Rahul Vaidya? Is this an olive department that she is supplying to Vikas?

Keep tuned to know what transpires next.

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