Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur sends lawful notice to leftist troll Rachita Taneja

Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur sends legal notice to leftist troll Rachita Taneja

BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur on Thursday despatched a authorized observe to considerably-remaining troll Rachita Taneja for registering and blocking area title for a site on the Bhopal MP’s name after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

According to the reviews, the Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur, in her notice, has asked Rachita Taneja to instantly restrain, cease and desist from making use of the website/ domain title ‘’.

In her legal discover, Sadvi Pragya Singh Thakur alleged that the much-remaining troll Taneja, who is regarded for of submitting vile, derogatory cartoons on Twitter, has been slandering her by referring to her as a ‘terrorist’ which is a “contumacious and developed with the sole intention to malign the image”. The detect even further alleged that Taneja’s intention is to produce a narrative from Thakur so as to hamper her pending trial.

Rachita Taneja runs a website page – ‘Sanitary Panels’, that is notoriously regarded for publishing abusive and derogatory content on social media platforms.

Thakur, via her attorney and Advocate on Report Namit Saxena, has stated some of Taneja’s posts in the legal observe to allege that the intention at the rear of her vile posts was to “orchestrate a enthusiastic general public listening to to hinder the ongoing bench hearing against the MP and harass her”, as per a report in New Indian Express.

“That the timeline on which these posts have been uploaded by you is exceptionally very important as you desired to produce a narrative towards my consumer to malign her status and goodwill promptly following my client’s election outcomes. This is in line with concerted efforts made to jeopardize my client’s picture among the modern society,” read the lawful recognize.

In the lawful notice, the BJP MP asked the far-still left ‘cartoonist’ to react within 7 days as to why and under what circumstances and with what intention did Taneja order/develop/register/block the reported domain title on June 8, 2019. The Bhopal MP asked the ‘cartoonist’ to restrain from working with the mentioned site/area title or any variant thereof in the identify of Pragya Thakur.

The detect to Taneja also warned of initiating acceptable authorized proceedings, equally civil and legal, against her in scenario she fails to comply with the phrases of this discover.

Contempt of courtroom case in opposition to Taneja

Sanitary Panels founder Rachita Taneja, who proclaims to be a ‘Webcomic’, is identified for her controversial, hateful and usually Hinduphobic Tweets. Through her cartoons, Rachita Taneja has often indulged in mocking and berating the Indian judiciary, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Celebration and persons involved with it.

In April, before long following the demise of actor Irrfan Khan, the cartoonist had posted a deplorable Tweet wherein she wished dying on Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar although mourning actor Irrfan Khan’s demise. This animosity against Akshay Kumar was evidently simply because the superstar has been a vocal supporter of PM Narendra Modi.

Next the Supreme Court verdict on Ram Janmabhoomi circumstance the place the apex courtroom decided in favour of developing the Ram Mandir, Taneja had taken to Twitter to abuse the temple and Hindus. Recently, the considerably-left troll experienced attacked the Supreme Court for granting bail to Republic Tv set Main Arnab Goswami, inviting a contempt of courtroom case.

The Legal professional General KK Venugopal experienced granted consent to a legislation university student to initiate contempt proceedings in opposition to comic artist Rachita Taneja for Tweets expressing they are an “audacious assault and insult to the establishment.” When granting the consent, the AG said that the Tweets by Sanitary Panels has a distinct implication that Supreme Court is biased to the ruling political social gathering BJP, which is someway fascinated in defending Republic Tv set Editor-in-main Arnab Goswami.

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