Facebook lifted the verified tick from Apple’s page? Know the real truth


We all know that the relationship between Facebook and Apple is a snake. Zuckerberg himself has repeatedly banned Facebook employees from using the Apple iPhone. Apple also did not stop criticizing Facebook in different situations. The two companies have been at loggerheads over an upcoming security update for iOS. In this situation, Facebook has removed the verified tick from Apple’s page. Yesterday, a tweet from social media consultant Matt Navarre caused a stir on Netdunia.

Apple’s official Facebook page has been unverified, meaning the blue tick has been removed from there, he claimed in a tweet. He also shared a screenshot of the Facebook page as proof.

But the real truth behind it comes to the fore at the last moment. Matt Navara knew that the Apple Facebook page he mentioned was never verified at all. After learning the truth from the Facebook authorities, he corrected the mistake and added a new one Tweets Does. In fact, Apple’s main Facebook page was never verified However, all the product pages of the company, such as Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, etc. are verified on Facebook.

In order to verify a page on Facebook, the admin of that page has to start the verification process. However, in the case of Apple’s main Facebook page, it has been reported that this has not been done. Although there is a blue tick on Apple’s main page on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

The reason for the disagreement between Apple and Facebook

Behind the turmoil between Apple and Facebook, the two tech giants, there is a security update for the iPhone iOS 14.4. It will roll out next year, and the update will require the consent of iPhone users if an application wants to track users for advertising. While this is good for users, according to Facebook, it will hurt small businesses.

As such, Facebook has been helping small businesses connect with their potential customers by displaying personalized ads in this way. The social media giant claims that “this new iOS update will limit the ability to run personalized ads and effectively reach their customers. As a result, Facebook has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with Apple’s policy. Facebook thinks that most users will deny permission to track them in applications. Apple, however, argues that it does not want companies like Facebook to change the way they advertise. Apple only wants to inform its users about the tracking and get permission from them.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is his Tweet We believe that users should have an opinion on the information that is being collected about them and how it is being used. As before, Facebook will be able to track users through applications and websites, but first it will require user permission.

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