NCP Corporators husband charged with robbing BJP leader’s manufacturing unit

NCP Corporators husband charged with robbing BJP leader's factory

In a new transform in the theft case at BJP leader Pankaja Munde’s Vaidyanath Sahakari sugar manufacturing facility in Parli Taluka, the spouse of the regional NCP corporator has been charged by the law enforcement for carrying out the theft.

Partner of NCP corporator charged of theft at Munde’s sugar factory

The accused, discovered as Aziz Ismail Sheikh alias Mangaldada, is charged for thieving resources worth Rs 38 lakhs from Munde’s sugar manufacturing unit. Aziz Sheikh is presently absconding and the law enforcement are on the lookout for him. Law enforcement have arrested Aziz Sheikh’s son in link with the scenario.

A complaint was lodged in the circumstance with the Parli Rural Police on December 22 which described that unfamiliar thieves stole products value Rs 37.84 lakh from the manufacturing unit shop godown and workshop. The law enforcement registered a case and introduced an investigation into the theft. So significantly, 4 suspects have been arrested in the case.

Theft fully commited at sugar factory and godown in Oct 2020

Vaidyanath Sahakari Sugar Factory, headed by Pankaja Munde, has a shop godown and a workshop godown. The theft took place on Oct 17, 2020 in this godown. Storekeeper G.T. Munde knowledgeable about the theft to the manufacturing unit clerk and lawful in-cost Zamin Sheikh. Sheikh had then inspected the theft internet site. At that second, it came to see that the shutters at the again of the retail outlet and the workshop had been lifted, confirming the theft.

An investigation was released by the sugar factory administration soon after the theft was verified. It commenced by estimating what materials had been stolen from the manufacturing facility.

According to the factory administration, products value Rs 37 lakh 84 thousand had been stolen. These contain factory desktops, copper content, mill bearings, bush audio bars and a lot of extra.

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