‘Will pile corpses’: Congress MP incites violence during ‘farmer’ protest

'Will pile corpses': Congress MP incites violence during 'farmer' protest

On Friday, Congress chief and MP Ravneet Bittu Singh issued open up threats of violence in a bid to ‘transform’ the character of the so-identified as ‘farmer’ protest. Ranveet Bittu Singh is a member of parliament from Ludhiana. He won the 2009, 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections on a Congress ticket.

When conversing to News Country, he emphasised, “They (The government) assume that we will get worn out after some time and give up on our sit-in protest. But no! We will pile up corpses. We will shed blood and can go to any extent to realize our aims.”

Hinting at the probability of Congress-sponsored violence, Ravneet Bittu Singh extra, “We are coming up with a new program and you will see it in action soon after January 1.” It is significant to bear in mind that the BJP experienced previously alleged Congress hand in deceptive farmers and orchestrating the ongoing protests against the historic farm guidelines.

Ravneet Bittu Singh close proximity to Rahul Gandhi

Ravneet Bittu Singh, who is a Congress MP, has close ties with Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh and even Rahul Gandhi. On May perhaps 15th 2019, just as the Lok Sabha election campaigning reached its closing phase, Rahul Gandhi pulled a stunt hoping to travel a tractor in Ludhiana. Punjab Main Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, Ludhiana MP Ravneet Bittu and Congress chief Asha Kumari ended up witnessed sitting down by his aspect.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, Ludhiana MP Ravneet Bittu and Congress chief Asha Kumari with Rahul Gandhi.

At the time, Captain Amarinder Singh experienced tweeted rather proudly about the coordinated stunt by Rahul Gandhi.

Ravneet Bittu Singh had himself tweeted about the stunt.

Violence and vandalism in the name of ‘farmer protests

The anti-farm law agitation, which commenced by blocking roads and resulting in public inconvenience, has begun to consider a drastic transform with protestors now actively engaging in violence, vandalism and destruction of personal residence.

Hooligans across the state of Punjab have started off disrupting the companies of Jio cell by disconnecting energy from telecom towers of the enterprise. Just after many studies of this kind of disruption, now a online video has now gone viral, in which the protestors are seen resorting to vandalism and forcefully disconnecting electrical power source to Reliance Jio towers to express their opposition to 3 farm regulations handed by the Modi federal government.

In a disturbing video stated to be of ‘farmers’ protesting versus farm guidelines in Uttarakhand surfaced right now in which protestors had been viewed clashing with the law enforcement. In accordance to ANI, the movie was of protests staying held in opposition to the farm guidelines in the Udham Singh Nagar district in Uttarakhand. The law enforcement could be seen seeking to consist of the protestors by placing up major barricades. On the other hand, apparently without the need of caring for the deadly implications, some protestors begun the tractor and ran it more than the police barricades. The police personnel keeping the barricades nearly obtained crushed less than it.

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