Bigg Manager 14 Penned Updates, Day 85: Nomination distinctive episode sees Bigg Boss take demanding action towards housemates | Bollywood Bubble

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates, Day 85: Nomination special episode sees Bigg Boss take strict action against housemates | Bollywood Bubble

The Nominations distinctive episode usually places the housemates in a anxious placement. All the alliances they have created are tested and the erring housemates are also taken to endeavor.

This time, Bigg Boss pulls up Aly and Nikki as he feels that they are earning a mockery out of some thing as critical as Nominations. The two are not taking the process seriously and have become habitual rule-breakers. Bigg Boss states that because of the conduct of these two contestants, the full household will have to fork out a selling price!

The housemates are extremely stunned by this harsh shock. Arshi Khan blasts out on each Ali and Nikki. Even great pal Rahul Vaidya tells Aly he is upset in him. Rubina, Rakhi and Abhinav also ask for the two contestants to stop breaking principles. Aly and Nikki now have some critical considering to do.

Following, we see Rakhi offering some very hatke and unbelievable, still amusing, wellness tips to Rahul Vaidya. She suggests potatoes are excellent for the heart! Both Rahul and Aly look on unbelievably, as Rakhi claims to have examined MBBS from Canada. When requested what’s the comprehensive-sort of MBBS, Rakhi is out of her depth and excuses herself as she goes to question other contestants about what it usually means!

Vikas Gupta is observed speaking about issues of the heart with Rubina and Nikki. He shares how it has been additional than 4 many years that he has been stressed over matters of the coronary heart. Evidently distressed and in tears, Vikas is consoled by other housemates, who all give him a group hug.

What will be Bigg Boss’ punishment for the housemates? Will Nikki and Aly modify their conduct and consider the activity more seriously?

Stay tuned to know all the most recent updates from ‘Bigg Manager 14’.

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