Congress trolls still left embarrassed following get together confirms he has absent for vacation

Congress trolls left embarrassed after party confirms he has gone for vacation

Immediately after media stories emerged that Rahul Gandhi experienced remaining for Milan, Italy, on an impromptu shock holiday in middle of Punjab farmers vs Govt of India farm legal guidelines tussle, Congress trolls retained them selves chaotic seeking to refute these as ‘fake news’. Rahul Gandhi loyalist Saket Gokhale cried himself hoarse proclaiming that Rahul Gandhi has not absent for trip.

He tried tough.

Quite tough.

He was joined by other Congress supporters who did not want to believe Rahul Gandhi was vacationing.

Abruptly everybody preferred to evaluate his holiday to PM Modi.

Some Congress workers, even so, pretty easily approved he was vacationing.

Foul mouthed Twitter cope with of IYC Punjab, also chimed in.

However, the trolls had been still left red confronted soon after Congress accepted that Rahul Gandhi has in fact gone off on a ‘personal trip’. When the party did not disclose the spot of his getaway, they have not denied Milan in Italy as the desired destination possibly. Congress also celebrates its 136th basis working day now.

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