Online video: Protestors steal generator of Jio Tower, ‘donate’ it to Gurdwara

Video: Protestors steal generator of Jio Tower, 'donate' it to Gurdwara

Amidst the ongoing agitation from the historic farm regulations, ‘protesting farmers’ in Punjab were noticed stealing generators related to Reliance Jio telecom towers, and ‘donating’ it to a Gurudwara.

In a video that has now gone viral on social media, protestors were seen dragging a generator established on a tractor to the gurdwara after dislodging it from the Jio Tower. The other protestors were being found pursuing the tractor on its way to the Gurdwara. The video clip has now long gone viral on social media.

(Online video Courtesy: Youtube/Opindia)

The ‘protestors’ have been targeting Reliance Jio towers for the reason that Congress politicians have been spreading rumours and misinformation that “Ambani and Adani are about to exploit farmers”. Previously, the protestors at Delhi border ended up observed urging people not to use Jio sim.

Captain Amarinder Singh appeals to protestors

Though the Congress celebration has been a vocal supporter of the anti-farm law agitation and has remained a mute spectator to the inconvenience prompted to the community more than the previous number of months, Punjab Main Minister Amarinder Singh had a unexpected ‘adjust of coronary heart‘ on Friday. The Punjab government, realising the unsafe scenario, appealed to the protestors to not disrupt connections or manhandle personnel and technicians of telecom providers.

Protestors damage 150 telecom towers

Irrespective of Punjab Main Minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s attraction, the ‘protesting farmers’ have ruined 150 extra telecom towers right away on Saturday and Sunday on your own. This can take the total variety of telecom towers weakened to 1,388. Information agency PTI citing sources explained that web-site administrators ended up slapped and abused for attempting to halt the protestors from destroying the infrastructure.

Electric power lines are snapped and attempts to axe towers ended up undertaken by the ‘protesting farmers’. The assaults have impacted telecom providers and operators who are having difficulties to manage providers in absence of action by the point out police, the report stated.

It is noteworthy that at existing, telecom operators do not have the towers in which their antennas are placed. The towers are owned and operated by independent tower companies, and telecom organizations position their antennas on the towers by paying out hire for the similar. Because of to this arrangement, a single tower could include antennas of many mobile phone firms. Therefore, while the protestors are focusing on Jio, they may possibly unintentionally problems telecom operations of other businesses also as they share sources on the towers.

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