Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant get into a heated argument previous calls Rakhi ‘nautanki’-look at movie | Bollywood Bubble

Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin and Rakhi Sawant get into a heated argument; former calls Rakhi 'nautanki'-watch video | Bollywood Bubble

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In the approaching episode, there will be a enormous clash concerning Rakhi Sawant and Jasmin Bhasin. In a single of the promos of ‘Bigg Manager 14′, we see Rakhi and Jasmin at loggerheads. In the promo, we see Rakhi cursing and expressing that whoever will say just about anything about espresso, would satisfy with an incident. This irks the contestants and Aly shouts and suggests as how Rakhi can say this kind of things like incident and all and he slams her. Later on, Jasmin and Rakhi get into an ugly struggle.

Rakhi puts on creepy make-up and bangs her head on the eating table and is noticed screaming out in pain right after Jasmin places a penguin hood with entire Pressure on her head. Aly attempts to quit Rakhi but she states, “Oh my God! Mera nose.” Jasmin doesn’t spend heed to Rakhi and she calls it “Crocodile tears”.

Jasmin states, “Bola tha mujhse panga nahi lena” and she kicks the very same penguin hood and phone calls her “Nautanki.”

Check out the promo right here.

This is not it. Even, Arshi Khan and Rahul Vaidya also get into a heated argument. Arshi accuses him of overall body shaming.

Immediately after the challengers entered the household, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ has turned into a war zone. In just about every episode, audiences witness significant voltage drama and combat inside the household.

Let us see what occurs in tonight’s episode. Till then you fellas continue to be tuned to this room.

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