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Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri injures his leg on sets of ‘The Kashmir Files’ | Bollywood Bubble




Director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri injures his leg on sets of ‘The Kashmir Files’ | Bollywood Bubble

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The complete group of ‘The Kashmir Files’ which includes Mithun Chakraborty, Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi has been shooting in Mussoorie, Dehradun. Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri unintentionally fulfilled with an personal injury on his leg but guess what this workaholic filmmaker has been taking pictures for his film there in spite of the personal injury.

According to resources “It was like any other working day on the shoot and immediately after the wrap, as he was going to the base his leg received twisted and there was swelling but when it commenced aching poorly was the time he was taken to a medical doctor and did anyone get to know that it was not any common damage but a hairline fracture. The unit actually acquired worried and was very a great deal below pressure when they bought to know that it was not just a slight twist but a fracture. Their initially worry was how would they go on with the shoot and Agnihotri knew this is likely to impact the full shoot. Vivek determined that he would complete the shoot with the guidance of a crutch.”

When we spoke to Agnihotri on this, he went on declaring, “We are doing an very busy agenda in Uttarakhand and Kashmir for my film ‘The Kashmir Files’ and it includes a lot of actions and tricky operate. In one particular of all those scenes I ran and I twisted my knee and the 2nd working day I fell into a pit and I assume there is a extremely significant sprain I am not equipped to walk or get up. But I can’t halt the shoot for the reason that we simply cannot afford to pay for.”

He adds “For me, it is not just a movie it is a life mission of tens of millions who are expecting this movie. I feel liable to them we had to postpone our scheduled through the corona time in March and lastly, we are taking pictures in this article and also there was inspiration developed by Mithun (Chakraborty) Da, he felt so sick and extremely up coming working day he was back to shoot so how can I acquire a break so my overall unit was suggesting and doctors had been expressing that I have to give crack but I am hoping my greatest to end the movie on timetable and all I have to say is whichever comes about clearly show must go on.”

Ranjan Vivek Agnihotri

Impression Resource – Instagram

Ranjan Vivek Agnihotri

Image Resource – Instagram

Adhering to the essential acclaim of Agnihotri’s ‘The Tashkent Files’ in April 2019, the filmmaker believes ‘The Kashmir Files’ is a compact phase towards allowing the planet, primarily his countrymen, know about the plight of Kashmiri Hindus. Featuring Anupam Kher in a pivotal purpose, ‘The Kashmir Files’ is slated to release in 2021.

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A new Antigone: Lisa Dwan on misogyny and why we have to have new stories




A new Antigone: Lisa Dwan on misogyny and why we need new stories

esterday a female theatre colleague I respect enormously sent me a photograph of a billboard outdoors a London theatre with a handwritten observe plastered about it. The detect: “I read you are functioning with…” followed by a listing of male administrators. Underneath it, a warning in daring: “BE Very careful this is not a full record #MeToo”. The information that accompanied this picture study: “Things are shifting”.

I didn’t reply. #MeToo has extensive lost its glow for me. New hashtags look just about every 7 days: #shewaswalkinghome #reclaimthestreets #toomanymen. These days as I walked dwelling to compose this, a gentleman leaned out of a passing van and shouted “slag” at me. This night, when I refused to open up my doorway to a salesman who stated he was on a jail reformation scheme, he named me a “skanky cow”  and warned me that now that he is familiar with in which I stay, he would be again.

This early morning I phoned a popular female barrister friend, who has been defending abused girls in the courts for above 40 many years and questioned, “It’s getting worse isn’t it?” “Yes,” she reported, “it is.” Women of all ages, because of to education and insignificant shifts in human rights regulation, are slowly and gradually gaining autonomy, incrementally raising their share of electric power – forcing men to both share their platforms or stretch past a mediocrity they have guarded for centuries. And guys do not like it. Just after a whilst it is really hard not to study all individuals hashtags with each other as just one uncomplicated assertion: #TheyHateUs.

This is the exhausting condition that fed into Pale Sister, my new film/theatre creation with the author Colm Tóibín. Screening on BBC Four on Tuesday, it focuses on the tale of the tragic (is there any other type?) classical heroine Antigone, who defied King Creon’s decree in buy to give her brother a good burial, and died for it.

Antigone is just 1 between a lot of feminine figures in Greek classical literature who characterize the hazard that women of all ages pose. Our historic grasp storytellers realized the worth of silencing them. As democracy was becoming designed out of oligarchy, the Greeks used theatre to regulate the narrative. Their male citizens (not women of all ages – ladies ended up scarcely permitted out of the home) have been compensated to attend the theatre to view actors (gentlemen) carry out plays created by males – generally about challenging ladies.

These ended up brilliantly told parables, warning shots – Antigone, the best upstart, who threatens civil culture by likely against a potent man’s orders. Medea, the overseas mother, an unnatural creature who will destroy your little ones. And what to do with the strong, clever, appealing Medusa? Why, cut off her head.

The Trump campaign regularly made use of the impression of Perseus holding up Medusa’s severed head, often with Hillary Clinton’s deal with superimposed on it. It seems not likely that all Trump supporters had a complete information of classical Greek literature, but nonetheless he realized he was major them through an ancient architecture that is even now incredibly significantly erect in our minds. As I viewed his inauguration in 2016, it struck me: he arrived at the most strong situation in the world by tapping into a long-standing, deeply embedded narrative. With his slogans and his hashtags (#lockherup, #nastywoman), he understood how to result in a deep and historic misogyny.

2016 built me realise that we in the arts bear a accountability for the state of factors, mainly because we are the learn perpetuators of these stifling and misogynistic archetypes with the tales that we explain to and retell.

For a lot more than a decade prior to that instant, I experienced been uniquely liberated from narrative completely, acquiring spent most of that time touring a quantity of a single-female performs by Samuel Beckett. Beckett doesn’t seriously generate people, but creatures who are striving very little extra than to convey their humanity. “No need to have of a story,” he tells us, “life by itself is adequate.”

Beckett gave my creativeness the scope and permission to dissolve the boundaries of the little self I thought I was. I obtained to peel absent the trappings – and entrapment – of a girl of what culture does to us as females to go further than the constraints we established ourselves. Hovering 8 toes previously mentioned the stage in his monologue Not I, with my blindfolded head tied into a vice, my arms in brackets, was finally just so damn liberating. To have your body taken out, as a lady and as an actress, is a great reward.

For Not I, all that was seen to the audience was Dwan’s mouth

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The complications only grew to become evident when I commenced to do “normal” roles all over again, when I experienced to the moment once again flatten myself into a cardboard cut out – quite, inane, reflector boards for the thoughtful, clever, humorous male position. As an actor, my occupation is to provide what is created, to make these patriarchal narratives work. So I did my very best to inject all these figures with nuance and contradiction, to dignify them with resonance – anything I experienced learnt in excess of the past 10 years or so in Beckett’s world. This didn’t go down nicely, at minimum not in the rehearsal rooms in which I found myself. And my ordeals received a large amount worse immediately after Trump acquired elected.

The truth of the matter is I’m not incredibly skilled at running men’s inner thoughts when I’m performing. I’m centered on my individual complicated task, and I ignore that, as a woman, at just about every juncture I have to do what no person require at any time do – make confident all the adult males about me are emotion valued and revered, and do every little thing in my power to ensure they have dominance equally on and off phase.

Touring the earth accomplishing terrifying 1-female Beckett performs, I experienced neglected to be fearful on a each day basis. I commenced – and this sort of feeling just creeps up on you when your self-worth isn’t established by males – to see these guys as equals.

I began to see all the heartbreaking creative and lifestyle compromises I had designed in striving to meet their demands, to preserve the slim shells of egos. I began to establish notions of myself that experienced nothing to do with them. I started to resist. And when I did, I fulfilled rage.

And so when Colm Tóibín came to see me in my generation of Beckett’s No’s Knife in 2017, and explained to me that he wished to generate me a participate in, I straight away stated, “I need an Antigone.”

As the central character in her eponymous play by Sophocles, Antigone was the rationale I needed to grow to be an actor and yet when I was cast in the position in my late teenagers, I by no means managed to make it work. In the yrs that followed I noticed far improved actors than me flip their fingers to it, and I came to the realisation that which is how it’s published – not to do the job. In this famed feminist text, all the ladies combined take up fewer than 30 for each cent of the true discourse, Antigone herself is the minimum considerable, and but good writers have flocked to more subvert her impression Jean Anouilh turns her into a shrill adolescent, Bertolt Brecht turns her into a fascist, Seamus Heaney sentimentalises her, Tom Paulin makes her an Irish innovative and Conor Cruise O’Brein refers to her as an “agent of non-violent violence”. As the literary critic George Steiner claims, for 2,000 several years, Antigone’s story has been retold and re-imagined but always with the implicit information: “Antigone, lie down!” And still she persists.

My ambition, with what we came to connect with the Antigone Challenge, was to put some flesh on her to make it difficult to arrive at people worn-out conclusions, to give my nieces and the next era of storytellers new approaches of looking at her. Colm would send out me a draft scene in the morning. I would then file it for him and send out it back in the afternoon. And then we would get on the cellphone and the arguments would begin. “I’m not indicating the term shrill Colm!” “Why are you describing Creon as sane and Antigone as mad?”

Looking again I don’t know how Colm stuck it out, but I’m desperately glad he did. And I by no means gained all the arguments, and that was a excellent factor, in any other case we would have succeeded only in developing a polemic and not a drama. “Lisa,” Colm would say, “politics are no very good to me now to publish this scene. I require an graphic.”

It was Colm’s concept to publish from Antigone’s sister Ismene’s level of see. He quickly noticed significantly additional scope in the vantage place of the peaceful character in the corner. The excellent sister the one particular who acquiesces and in change the 1 who life, who is left to talk to the problem not only of herself but of all of us: who are we, if we are not Antigone? What need to we do when we realise that it expenses us extra to continue to keep the peace than to stand up and say, I am not frightened?

A single of the most enduringly thriving techniques of the patriarchy is how it has managed to divide and rule. How it sets Antigone and her sister against every single other to check with, do you want to battle and die, or comply and dwell? Women of all ages have internalised hundreds of years of misogynistic messages like this. I assume of the 52 p.c who voted for a guy who boasted about grabbing gals by the pussy for enjoyment. For me this is the most painful facet of this mess. I know a whole lot of brave and lonely women I am a person.

These days I felt the initially flutter of my daughter transferring inside me. In a couple months I will, if anything goes properly, develop into a mother for the initially time. I feel powerless thinking of how I want the earth to be for her, in fact for all the younger ladies reading through this. I want to sense that my technology has contributed more to you then just hashtags. But perhaps that is the language we can but communicate as girls – just one of opposition and outrage, the language of Antigone as she stands from the patriarchy only to do what she feels is appropriate.

I can’t say that we however have a language of our possess, a narrative that is no cost from a prolonged record of male violence and oppression. Nevertheless we have to have to drive against individuals narratives additional than at any time, with defiance and without the need of worry and, in the finish, with love – and recognise that it is they who are fearful, afraid of us realising how highly effective we are. And most likely it is only when we can split free and really inhabit our individual ability that we can see that we are, as Beckett states, “all of a person brain, we are all of one particular intellect… deep down we are fond of a person one more.”

Pale Sister is on BBC Four on Tuesday March 30 at 11pm

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