‘Nobody has the right to inquire Rahul queries and ‘irritate’ Congress’: Congress fangirl who was uncovered for earning Rs 500 for each tweet goes on a rant

‘Nobody has the right to ask Rahul questions and ‘irritate’ Congress’: Congress fangirl who was exposed for earning Rs 500 per tweet goes on a rant

Even though the Congress bash is struggling with a paucity of credible leaders in its rank, it certainly instructions the loyalty of a bevvy of sycophant hangers-on, who are ready to foolishly protect the party and fend off criticism directed at it and the Gandhi loved ones.

Not long ago, when inquiries were being lifted about senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Italy, just one of the most ardent Congress supporters, Andria D’Souza aka ‘Ria Revealed’, who was uncovered for earning Rs 500 for tweeting marketing tweets, went on a fervent rant to assert that Congress and Rahul Gandhi are beyond reproach and no one has the suitable to talk to questions of them.

“Shame on people who are questioning Rahul Gandhi. He has long gone to just take treatment of his grandmother…Nobody has the ideal to ask queries of Rahul Gandhi…. no person has the right to irritate Congress,” a visibly rattled Andrea snarled.

Andria’s cathartic meltdown took put right after a panellist on the Times Now debate lifted query on Rahul Gandhi for leaving the celebration in the lurch and traveling to Italy. Peeved by aspersions on Gandhi’s dedication to the party, the Congress supporter introduced into a diatribe, attacking his detractors like the debate anchor Padmaja Joshi for elevating queries of the Congress social gathering and Rahul Gandhi.

After the ‘Kamasutra 3D’ actress was finished ranting and raving, Ms Joshi calmly requested her if Rahul Gandhi held no organisational post in the social gathering, then in which ability did he be a part of the seat-sharing assembly in Tamil Nadu and turned a portion of Congress’ overtures in West Bengal, the Congress supporter irritatingly replied that the detractors have their ears pricked up as soon as they listen to the phrase “Gandhi”.

Having said that, Ms Joshi retorted way too, declaring, “To be truthful, your ears also prick up when you listen to the phrase ‘Gandhi’.

Viral movie of Ria Discovered embarrassing herself on Situations Now debate

This is not the initially time that Andria D’Souza has humiliated herself on a news channel. In the previous much too, she has had a psychological breakdown when appearing on news debates. Earlier, Andria made a fool of herself when she spectacularly faltered in answering primary queries on NPR on a Occasions Now debate although defending Rahul Gandhi’s deranged rants on CAA, NPR and NCR.

She claimed NPR was initially carried out in 2003, to which the Moments Now anchor, Rahul Shivshankar pointed out that it was to start with performed in 2010. She could not demonstrate how NPR would disturb minorities and was flabbergasted when requested who arrived up with Aadhaar.

Her denseness remaining the fellow panellists as well as the anchor in splits. They ended up all remaining to ponder as to who out of the two- Ria D’Souza or Rahul Gandhi is the smarter in the flock of birdbrains.

The incident was so embarrassing for Andria that she was still left googling to determine out standard inquiries about the chronology of Aadhaar and NPR.

Andria D’Souza aka ‘Ria Revealed’ uncovered for sharing promotional tweets for Rs 500 for every tweet

Congress supporter Andria D’Souza rose to relative prominence from obscurity immediately after BJP leader Tajinder Singh Bagga uncovered her of publishing marketing tweets for a paltry sum of Rs 500 per tweet.

Bagga shared a screenshot that showed a discussion concerning two men and women wherever a offer was carried out that ‘@riarevealed’ will article a paid out tweet for Flipkart for Rs 500. When Andria tweeted the Flipkart Big Billion Sale tweet as pointed out in the discussion, Bagga shared the discussion and added how it is basically his birthday and not Flipkart basis day as she stated in her tweet.

She later deleted the tweet and pinned the blame on her manager.

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