Siddaramaiah admits he eats ‘cattle meat’, rants towards Cong leaders

Siddaramaiah admits he eats 'cattle meat', rants against Cong leaders

Senior Congress chief and former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah admitted on Monday that he ate ‘cattle meat’. His comments came during the Congress Foundation Day function and he did not spare his have party gentlemen possibly who he claimed were worried to talk out because of to backlash.

Siddaramaiah claimed, “I experienced after mentioned in the assembly that I consume cattle meat, who are you to request?-It is my right, food items practice is my suitable, who are you to issue? If you really do not take in, leave it, I’m not going to drive you. I take in for the reason that I like, who are you to ask? Do you need the bravery to say this?”

“…our folks remain quiet making a sensation that what others are saying is right. You should really appear out of this sort of confusions, make sure you,” he mentioned referring to the anti-cow slaughter monthly bill that was handed by the Karnataka government. “Where will the farmer send aged cattle like cows, buffaloes, he said, pointing out that having treatment of a cow or a buffalo costs about Rs 100 for each working day. Who will give that dollars? Farmers much too worship cows,” he said.

In 2015, Siddaramaiah had designed very similar feedback. He experienced said, “I have not eaten go-maamsa (cow-meat) till these days, (but) who are you to talk to me whether I have or not?” Recently, Siddaramaiah, who also transpires to be the leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Assembly, had expressed regrets for his responses that Kodavas eat beef for which he been given a great deal of flak. He said that he has a lot of regard for Kodavas and their culture.

On December 9, Karnataka became the 20th point out to fully ban cow slaughter in the condition. Anybody who indulges in unlawful slaughter or transportation of cows will be punished for a jail phrase of up to 7 years. Interestingly, the remarks by the senior Congress chief arrived on the day that the Karnataka cupboard passed an ordinance to give result to the monthly bill that remains to be passed by the Legislative Council.

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