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When media advisor to previous PM Dr Manmohan Singh expresses disdain for ‘strong leadership’ in a democracy




When media advisor to former PM Dr Manmohan Singh expresses disdain for 'strong leadership' in a democracy

Time to resurrect a preferred entrance”, thundered the headline in The Hindu’s Op-Ed site. The writer Harish Khare is no standard “senior journalist” as the article claims. He was at the time the media advisor to the Primary Minister of India when Dr. Manmohan Singh was keeping that publish. Which implies that he was in a place of considerable power to condition the discourse of the nation. So, when these kinds of a after strong individual writes that anything requires to be “resurrected”, you would consider that it existed ahead of.

Harish Khare’s definition of “popular front” is “command the bulk of popular vote”.  In his infinite wisdom, he reminds us of the oft-repeated, beaten-to-dying argument – “the NDA, as for every the 2019 effects, even now does not command the greater part of common vote its merged vote share was almost 45%, of which the BJP’s contribution was 37.4%

Now, you would consider that this is an astounding argument and that it indeed time to “resurrect” a “popular front” that existed just before. Rather of belabouring this stage more, let us just just take a glance at the desk underneath to know how quite a few seats a pre-poll arrangement of get-togethers received in every election and their voting percentages.

How lots of seats a pre-poll arrangement of get-togethers gained in every election and their voting percentages

Gosh, it turns out that India by no means experienced a “popular front”. Not a one leader at any time received much more than 50% votes in any election in India considering the fact that 1952. Depart voting percentages, did you detect how Sonia Gandhi did not even win the requisite 272 seats, equally in 2004 and 2009? Did we ever see content and seminars and debates and conversations all-around the voting percentages when Sonia Gandhi was in electric power from 2004 to 2014? Did Harish Khare ever replicate as to why he agreed to operate beneath a Prime Minister, who didn’t even contest elections, go away by yourself obtaining a “popular vote”?

So, what does Harish Khare suggest to “resurrect” a little something that under no circumstances existed in the very first position? In his own lofty words and phrases – “restoring a equilibrium between the Centre and the States — the Centre has designed a mockery of the federal spirit and arrangement

Now, if you are working with solid words and phrases like “mockery”, visitors would assume that you give some significant examples to verify your place. Harish Khare offers specifically zero examples. You are now remaining wanting to know – is it since of the point that there are no examples to give? For instance, why is it a mockery if every single a single of the 43 GST Council conferences, members of which belong to many political functions, have finished up getting important decisions unanimously? For case in point, why is it a mockery if the Primary Minister invitations the Karnataka Main Minister (who is from the Congress and has declined the invitation) to accompany him on a foreign tour so that he can bring in a lot more investments? For example, why is it a mockery if the darling of the English media and the famed Kerala Chief Minister from the Communist get together acknowledges the remarkable help been given from the central govt for the devastating Kerala floods? Why is it a mockery when Captain Amarinder Singh states– “I have no troubles. I am finding whole co-operation” and even cites illustrations to bolster his statement?

The lofty arguments continue on with us now staying told that there is a have to have of “restoring a feeling of partnership and participation to the minorities—it is fully unhealthy that a ruling get together of 303 MPs are not able to boast of a solitary Muslim member

I by no means have an understanding of this argument. Has there ever been a single occasion in the past 70 many years when Muslims MPs, cutting throughout get together strains, have shaped a foyer team and got anything specially completed for the welfare of Muslims? The respond to is an emphatic NO. So, if the Muslims MPs themselves are divided by their party lines, what is this obsession with a meaningless symbolism? Why really do not the likes of Harish Khare query about the other minorities far too? For example, how several Christian MPs? How several Jain MPs? There will by no means be an stop to this argument. Or improved still, has Harish Khare been ready to cite a single occasion of minorities getting rid of a “sense of partnership and participation”? Why couldn’t Severe Khare cite some examples of blatant discrimination in procedures by the Modi federal government? Lazy to do analysis or simply because those people illustrations really don’t exist?

Harish Khare goes on to speak about “restoring the constitutional establishments to their authentic vitality”, this means that establishments need to pay attention to what their ilk states and not act independently. So, how and who does Harish Khare propose to be part of a “popular front” that will restore “a semblance to sensitivity and civility to our political daily life”?

In accordance to his infinite wisdom, the “popular front” need to “also accommodate and tame an Asaduddin Owaisi”. The alternative of words and phrases is an instance of the haughty vanity these folks proudly have! Harish Khare essentially wants to “tame” Owaisi? Has he definitely not read and viewed Owaisi? And who does he consider can “tame” Owaisi? Naveen Patnaik and Nitish Kumar!

The only detail Harish Khare is crystal clear in his complete write-up is that the Congress is worthless and ought to not be any place near to this “popular front”. Otherwise the complete write-up is simply a different try to showcase the English language abilities of Harish Khare devoid of delivering a one case in point to make his level. Harish Khare’s disdain for democracy is incredibly evident in his concluding paragraph – “Too a lot of sturdy management has robbed India of its democratic exuberance and constitutional dynamism.” Ours is probably the only position in the world where possessing a “strong leadership” is noticed as a downside and where by the English media yearns for the return of a weak management that can “tame” Owaisi (am even now LOL’ing!).

The quicker Harish Khare realises that lofty rhetoric is not a substitute for floor realities, the greater understanding he will have as to why Prime Minister Modi is so popular in the place. He has won the mandate of the people a whopping 5 situations in the previous 18 decades. He should have completed something suitable for that to materialize, no?


Congress MP says Khalistanis are trying to hijack farmer protests




Congress MP says Khalistanis are attempting to hijack farmer protests

Congress MP from Ludhiana, Punjab, Ravneet Singh Bittu, has claimed that Khalistani factors are making an attempt to hijack the protests in opposition to the not too long ago handed farm rules. His responses came after he was booed absent by protesting farmers.

“We will not be intimidated by individuals boosting Khalistani flags and slogans. All those who (attacked us) are the so-called Naxalites, Khalistanis or from 2020 (Referendum 2020),” claimed Ravneet Singh Bittu. He even more claimed that protesters ended up getting paid out Rs. 1,80,00,000 to elevate Khalistani flags.

When the government experienced claimed the exact same matter at the Supreme Court docket, the Congress celebration had claimed that the federal government was maligning the farmers. The Congress bash, in the meantime, is attempting to downplay the remarks.

The occasion spokesperson has reported, ‘Farmers are expressing their anger. These people are our own. We firmly stand with our farmers.’

Ravneet Singh Bittu had earlier stoked a controversy by threatening violence. He experienced stated, “They (the governing administration) consider that we will get tired immediately after some time and give up on our sit-in protest. But no! We will pile up corpses. We will get rid of blood and can go to any extent to obtain our targets.”

He experienced also distribute pretend information regarding the farm laws and indulged in fearmongering declaring that Reliance, Google and WhatsApp will buy wheat in massive quantities and hoard it in buy to exploit the farmers.

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