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Here’s why liberals want to see Vincent Xavier ‘the Indian Flag man’ ruined




Here's why liberals want to see Vincent Xavier 'the Indian Flag man' ruined

2021 is off with a bang. The seat of US Govt was stormed by Trump supporters and ‘Hindu supremacists’ have started off carrying names such as Vincent Xavier. Alright, the second section was a joke. But it is accurate that gatherings that took place at Capitol Hill have, amusingly more than enough, sparked a controversy in India as nicely.

At the heart of it is Vincent Xavier. A male was noticed waving the Indian Flag through the storming of Capitol Hill. It irked people today but no just one truly thought nearly anything of it as the human being waving it did not surface to be partaking in any violence. The particular person was sound, the principal attraction was clearly what was going on up entrance.

All of that altered when ’eminent intellectuals’ of the liberal brigade decided that it was a fantastic prospect to damage the daily life of a Hindu guy. They possible created some calculations in their head and made a decision that the odds ended up overpowering that the individual waving the Indian Flag in United states was a Hindu and a supporter of Primary Minister Modi.

Consequently, the liberal brigade went full steam forward. Islamist-ally of liberals, Rana Ayyub, stated that we should not be amazed ‘Hindu supremacists’ showed up with ‘White supremacists’. Zubair of AltNews, also, explained ‘Bhakts’ ended up with Donald Trump. There were being dozens and dozens of other people who built related opinions.

Regretably for them, maybe because of to a glitch in the matrix, the particular person carrying the Indian Flag was neither a ‘Hindu Supremacist’ nor a supporter of Narendra Modi. He was Vincent Xavier and he is a big supporter of senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. Welp. That was not in the system, was it?

In any case, liberals have long gone so far down the route presently that they cannot back absent from demanding severe punishment for Xavier devoid of hunting like complete morons. It was a full toss that the BJP was a lot more than keen to strike for a six. As a result we see Kapil Mishra and Varun Gandhi latch on to it and escalate matters even though Shashi Tharoor is flailing to protect himself.

Now, Vincent Xavier is staying dragged as a result of the mud in the media and is pressured to solution a million thoughts since some liberal clowns made a decision they preferred to destroy the everyday living of a Hindu person. It is pertinent to point out listed here that there is no evidence as of still that he participated in any illegal exercise at the collecting.

Confident, it was utter stupidity to carry an Indian flag to the accumulating and he should not have. But stupidity is not a superior ample cause to damage someone’s lifetime. Those on the non-Still left consequently much have proven little inclination to ruin his lifetime but it can be properly stated that it will be liberals who will endeavor to do so in get to show their liberal credentials.

They will consider it regrettable that Vincent Xavier is not a Hindu and not a ‘Modi Bhakt’ but they will look for to punish him nonetheless simply because permitting him off will damage their egos. And that can’t be tolerated. It is a separate make a difference entirely no matter if he deserves to have his lifetime ruined.

The media, too, is inviting him for interviews and shaming him for his perform. In a sane globe, no one would have bothered. And his steps would have been overlooked as individuals of an fool. But liberals have invested much far too significantly emotionally for them to be ready to get past this without having inflicting some sort of punishment.

In this article we understand a good offer about the liberal mentality. In accordance to them, only a ‘Hindu supremacist’ would have the Indian flag at a accumulating of Trump supporters and only a ‘Modi Bhakt’ could be a supporter of Donald Trump. In the bubble they reside in, all other opportunities are rejected. In their bubble, the planet is black and white. It is with this worldview that they proceeded to proclaim that Vincent Xavier was a ‘Hindu Supremacist’.

It can be safely explained that experienced they recognized his real identity from the beginning, they would not have created an work to drag him by way of the mud. They made a big deal out of it precisely since they thought he was a Hindu and perceived it as a excellent opportunity to ruin a Hindu’s lifestyle and wreck his track record.

In all of this, the hatred that liberals harbour in direction of Hindus becomes abundantly distinct. Anytime they see everything negative, their very first instinct tells them that a Hindu is dependable for it. Even now, their anger to Xavier now principally stems from the simple fact that he busted their narrative in a stellar fashion. Potentially this incident will last but not least educate them that truth is considerably more difficult than how they perceive it to be from their bubble. But that, yet again, is exceptionally not likely.

It is pretty most likely that Vincent Xavier will be harassed and humiliated by his colleagues in the United States. Whilst we are not aware of his expert facts, a single would believe that he is effective in a liberal dominated business. Prior to lengthy, he will likely locate himself out of the task. Desi liberals have been fully conscious of all of this. That is why they did it. Regretably for them, it is not a Hindu guy who will bear the consequences.


Canadian MP Bob Saroya calls for resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits




Canadian MP Bob Saroya calls for resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits

Ahead of the 31st anniversary of the genocide and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, Canadian Conservative MP Bob Saroya has prolonged his comprehensive support to the Modi federal government for the resettlement and rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley.

In a statement, Bob Saroya condemned the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits and the exodus from their homeland by cross-border Islamic militants. “I would like to express my condolences to the families and mates of all people who ended up killed, raped and wounded in this massacre. I condemn the desecration of hundreds of several years outdated Hindu areas of worship in Kashmir,” he included.

Hailing the resilience and bravery of Kashmiri pandits in the face of genocide, the Canadian Conservative MP emphasised, “I condemn the resilience and braveness proven by the members of the Kashmiri Pandit group who survived this gruesome genocide and ethnic cleansing.”

When reiterating his assistance to the Modi government, he concluded, ” I ask the intercontinental local community to take productive steps to protect against this and identical forms of crimes from humanity. I help the Govt of India plans to enable Kashmiri Hindus to return properly back to their homes”. Saroya is an Indian-origin MP to the Canadian Parliament who received his seat from the Markham-Unionville electoral district throughout the 2019 Canadian Federal elections.

Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and Islamic radicalism

The 19th of January, 2021 marks the 31st anniversary of the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley. A great deal has adjusted considering the fact that then but the more things improve the additional they keep on being the exact same. It is an simple reality that the exact sentiments that led to the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus are incredibly a great deal alive and thriving nowadays. The only point that is markedly distinct is the political dispensation that is in electrical power today and the fashion in which they understand the globe.

Of program, these sentiments ended up most prevalent in the current violence that broke out throughout the region from the Citizenship Amendment Act. The exact same brand name of politics that pressured Kashmir Hindus to migrate out of Kashmir does not desire minorities from the Islamic States of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to be supplied citizenship in India. It is their ideological comrades that have driven out these very poor Hindus and Sikhs from the higher than outlined Islamic states.

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