Mamata Banerjee had claimed she has a PhD diploma, but the college never existed

Mamata Banerjee had claimed she has a PhD degree, but the university never existed

In 1985, the then Congress MP from Jadavpur Mamata Banerjee stood uncovered when the United States Academic Foundation in India proclaimed that there did not exist an establishment named ‘The College of East Georgia’ from exactly where she experienced claimed to have allegedly done her doctorate.

A Twitter person named @trunills has shared an outdated newspaper clip from ‘The Telegraph’ stating that Mamata Banerjee, an MA in Islamic Heritage from Calcutta College, had in 1982 claimed that she experienced obtained the “doctorate” for her exploration function entitled “The Affect of Mughal Harem on state and policies” underneath the assistance of a selected Dr. Karuna Pada Datta.

As for every the Telegraph report, it was later on disclosed that Datta also experienced concluded his “PhD” from ‘The College of East Georgia’ and the two the instructor and student had bogus doctorates.

In the operate-up to the 1984 elections, as for every the tweet, Mamata Banerjee prefixed her name with ‘Dr’, professing that she had accomplished her doctorate. Reportedly, the walls of Jadavpur, from wherever Banerjee contested the seat, ended up painted with “Dr. Mamata Banerjee”. After it came to gentle that the College from which Banerjee had putatively completed her PhD did not exist, she stopped prefixing her title with the ‘Dr’ title.

Soon after Mamata Banerjee started employing the title of ‘Dr’, the United States Educational Foundation in India commenced obtaining a host of queries on the bona fides of the ‘University of East Georgia’. Responding to just one this kind of question in February 1985, the USEFI stated that “there is no history in anyway of the existence of a college called the University of East Georgia”. It even further additional that any particular person or business boasting to depict one particular or additional of the bogus companies mentioned previously mentioned is a fraud.

In an additional response to a investigation scholar, USEFI mentioned that “American Worldwide University” to which the “University of East Georgia” was supposedly affiliated, was “not adequately accredited” and ipso facto the establishment “may not be recognised by other universities and governments”.

Mamata Banerjee defended herself soon after it arrived to light-weight that her PhD was bogus

Seemingly, Ms Banerjee had despatched her thesis to Dr Datta together with the prescribed fees. The latter sent the thesis to a specified Prof P.K Mahesh, “admission counsellor, University of East Georgia”, and faculty member, American International University, United states, posted in Delhi.

Banerjee had then received a provisional certificate for her investigate work and was promised the “original degree” on sending $500 to the college authorities. Even just after a few yrs considering the fact that she completed the doctorate and acquired a “provisional certificate”, she experienced not despatched the $500.

Immediately after it became evident that the University of East Georgia is a bogus college, Ms Banerjee had defended herself in an interview with The Telegraph. Mamata had alleged that she had submitted her thesis in great faith to Dr Datta as it would not binding on her to pay a visit to the United States. Dr Datta, on the other hand, had passed the buck on Prof. P.K Mahesh for his predicament. Datta experienced then said that it was Mahesh who experienced authorised him to serve as a research tutorial in Kolkata(Calcutta) and experienced been retaining regular correspondence with the latter. Datta also wondered if Mahesh could operate an business office in New Delhi if there was nearly anything murky about the ‘University of East Georgia’.

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