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Radical Christian team accused of concentrating on Hindus in Russia, devotees charm for assist



Radical Christian group accused of targeting Hindus in Russia, devotees appeal for help

Substantially has been written about the struggle of the Hindu minority in Russia. Apparently, the selection of Hindus in Russia is 14 periods far more than the selection of Indian citizens in Russia. In actuality, nearly 140,000 Russians get in touch with themselves Hindus. Nevertheless, in Russia, in excess of the past two decades, Orthodox Christianity has come to be rather synonymous with Russian nationalism, allowing the Russian Orthodox Church’s extremist fringes to actively persecute Hindus.

Six years in the past is when the spotlights ended up turned on to this present crisis in Russia, immediately after stories emerged suggesting how a radical Christian organisation led by Orthodox Christian ‘anti-cult’ activist Alexander Dvorkin experienced executed a systematic smear marketing campaign from Prasun Prakash, the Director, Public Affairs, Centre for Conservation of Indian Lifestyle, of a Hindu Ashram in Russia, ‘Shri Prakash Dham’.

In the calendar year 2019, Prasun Prakash had arrived at out to PM Modi for assistance, narrating how the radical Christian team led by Alexander Dvorkin was not only harassing, spreading phony propaganda and threatening but also carrying physical assaults on the Hindu devotees of Shri Prakash Dham, impeding their functions.

We at OpIndia have intently followed and claimed the situation. On January 18, we wrote the tale of a Russian businessman by the name of Denis Stepanov, who experienced illustrated a incredibly unsettling part of Dvorkin and his firm. Denis experienced in the yr 2016 appear in shut call with the Hindu scriptures that are readily available in Russian. Soon after that at the finish of the exact same year, he made a decision to just take on the life and path of a devoted Hindu. He experienced shared how, considering that then, he was currently being mentally and bodily traumatized and pressurised by Dvorkin and his individuals to improve his religion.

Dvorkin is a Russian anti-cult activist who labels anything other than Orthodox Christianity as sects and cults. He is infamous for slandering and attacking almost everything that is Hindu and even in the ballpark of Hinduism. In the calendar year 2011, he was the one to initiate the ban on the Bhagavad Gita. He had then called the Hare Krishna motion, which was legalized in Russia in 1988, a “totalitarian sect” that experienced no ties with mainstream Hinduism. Additional recently at the starting of the year 2017, Dvorkin’s effigy was burnt in front of the Russian Embassy in Delhi for attacking the household of Prakash. The issue was also mentioned in the partitions of the UN and the OSCE.

Hindus becoming qualified in Russia

Speaking of his organisation’s modus operandi, Alexander Dorkin and his goons very first concentrate on the Hindus in Russia, then spread rumours and false news towards them. They then commence harassing the Hindus by submitting police complaints dependent on the phony allegations propagated by Dorkin and his goons. He then compels his mentally torn victims to give up Hinduism in buy to weed out of the quandary.

OpIndia has now received in touch with just one other this kind of victims named Sergei Kevshin. Sergei is a Russian citizen who has been a Hindu devotee because 2006. Sergei came to know about Dvorkin’s discussion board on the web in which he writes slanderous statements about Hinduism, defaming Hindu god and goddess and slandering the religion.

He has allegedly published points like all Hindu Gods and Goddesses are demons, Hindu meditation is hypnosis, Hinduism is not a religion, it is a wild cult, Karma is the regulation of evil, Mira Bai is sectarian, the Hindu notion of God is evil, Shrimad Bhagavatam is not at all holy, so on so forth.

Concerning this, Sergei has created numerous problems towards Dvorkin, next which the Russian authorities have in 2020, also carried out some investigations against the anti-cult activist. Many investigations are nonetheless heading on. However, Dvorkin has been evading the investigations and questioning. Now, Dvorkin has submitted a counter-grievance versus Sergei Kevshin.

Troubled by the harassment, Sergei a short while ago uploaded a video clip on his Youtube channel wherever he asks the worldwide Hindu community, particularly his Hindu brothers and sisters in India to support his combat in opposition to injustice perpetrated by Alexander Dvorkin. out?v=IhR5Y6GA7uU

Speaking to OpIndia, the Russian highlighted that Dvorkin has been immediately after him to evade the investigations going on from him. He has been seeking to mislead the Russian authorities versus him and his beliefs, alleged Sergei.

Sharing the url of the video clip and his social media handles, Sergei appealed that if any one has any kind of info or evidence that could help the Russian authorities in their ongoing investigation from Dvorkin, then they could immediately send out it to him on his social media handles or as a result of e-mail.

Sergei’s charm

Sergei began his enchantment by introducing himself and briefing the viewers about the plight of Hindus in Russia. “Hello absolutely everyone. My identify is Sergei Kevshin. I was born and lifted in Moscow, Russia. I have been a devout Hindu due to the fact the calendar year 2006. In Russia, there are only 140,000 Hindus and I’m a person of them. I appeal for support to my Hindu brothers and sisters in India and globally, through this video clip. How would you react to the actuality that there is someone who calls our Hindu gods and goddesses evil entities? How would you react to the fact that there is a person who calls Hindus primitive and wild folks?

He vociferated that Alexander Dvorkin is a single these persecutor who, for the past 20 several years has been systematically slandering and attacking Hinduism in his lectures, content articles and interviews. Alexander Dvorkin is not only insulting Hindus in Russia and worldwide but also threatening them. Dvorkin is forcing Hindus in Russia to leave Hinduism or usually be geared up to get out of Russia and facial area other detrimental implications, mentioned Sergei. 

He ongoing that he has submitted various issues versus Alexander Dvorkin with the Russian authorities, who are conducting their investigations. Nevertheless, Dvorkin has been fleeing the investigation.

In his attempt to safeguard himself, Alexander Dvorkin has in its place been crafting baseless and false problems versus Sergei, reported the disconcerted Russian. “By doing this he is creating misunderstandings with regards to the Hindus in Russia and managing absent from the investigations of the authorities. But I have comprehensive faith that I will get justice for myself and other Russian Hindus since the truth is on my side.”

“During one particular of my interactions with the Russian authorities, I was advised that in order to make Dvorkin’s case foolproof, much more files relating to his radical actions would be necessary. Indicating this he appealed to all Hindus all around the planet, in particular in India to pass on any information they could possibly be having versus Dvorkin.

“My expensive Hindu brothers and sisters all around the world. If you have any info on Alexander Dvorkin or his organisations than be sure to mail it to me by way of email or my social websites – [email protected]. This would be a enormous victory for Hindus in Russia and all about the world. Only united we can make the ardent hater of Hinduism and radical Alexander Dvorkin legally accountable for his actions carried out with the aim of slandering and attacking Hinduism and Russian Hindus. Namaste and Jai Shri Ram!, stated Sergei in his video clip enchantment. 


South Korea’s president to take into consideration puppy meat ban



South Korea’s president to consider dog meat ban


outh Korea’s president has claimed the “time has come” to consider banning dog meat.

Dog meat is no more time as widespread as it was, now only served in some dining places and purchased from unique marketplaces in South Korea.

Moon Jae-in designed the remarks right after currently being briefed by Key Minister Kim Boo-kyum on efforts to make improvements to the managing of deserted animals and a required registration method for canines.

It was the to start with time the President of South Korea has talked about the probability of a ban.

“After the briefing, he reported time has appear to diligently consider imposing a puppy meat ban,” Moon’s spokeswoman Park Kyung-mee claimed in a assertion.

The thought arrives immediately after pet dogs have grown in level of popularity as animals in South Korea as nicely as groups have known as for restaurants and markets selling puppy meat to be shutdown.

Lee Jae-myung, governor of the country’s most populous province of Gyeonggi and a foremost presidential contender from Moon’s occasion, has vowed to press for a ban by social consensus.

But opposition frontrunner Yoon Seok-youl has said it really should be people’s own option.

Animal welfare team Conscious discovered in a poll this thirty day period 78% of respondents thought the creation and sale of canine and cat meat must be prohibited and 49% supported a intake ban.

Polling agency Realmeter located persons have been divided about irrespective of whether the government need to ban having doggy meat, nevertheless 59% supported lawful limitations on doggy slaughter for human usage.

Pet dog meat sellers have insisted on the appropriate to their profession and strike again their livelihoods are at risk.

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