Shook evaluation: a powerful exploration of masculinity and fatherhood

Shook review: a powerful exploration of masculinity and fatherhood

strike at Southwark Playhouse, Samuel Bailey’s debut enjoy about masculinity, sensitivity and responsibility has now been turned into a strong film by new crafting company Papatango. In a young offenders’ institution, 3 fatherless boys who are, or are about to turn into, dads on their own banter, needle and brag their way through parenting lessons led by a weary woman instructor. While the roles slot a minor too neatly into distinctive male archetypes, the composing is spare and fluent, and George Turvey’s output, contained in a one protected space, is a persuasive hybrid of phase and Television perform.

Josh Finan quickly grabs the notice as hyperactively garrulous Scouser Cain, goading the contained, seemingly wounded Jonjo (Josef Davies) with his endless antagonistic patter. The ability dynamic ranges out when the simply authoritative Riyad (Ivan Oyik), who has a flair for maths, enters the equation. Bailey beautifully expresses the ebb and move of swagger and reserve among the guys hoping to get the evaluate of each and every other, in a billed natural environment exactly where any emotion will be exploited as weakness. He little by little draws out the backstories of boys who all deficiency a right template of relatives passion.


Josh Finan and Ivan Oyik


There is not substantially Andrea Corridor can do with the functional character of instructor Grace, whilst Davies has the hardest position among the the adult men, parcelling out the tale at the rear of Jonjo’s incarceration in a way that’s reminiscent of Aston in Pinter’s The Caretaker. But both of those Finan and Oyik have excellent entertaining with the mashup of prison and road slang in Bailey’s script, and its exploration of the nuances of hierarchy and the exchange amount for sweets in the prison financial system. Despite occasional glibness, this is at coronary heart a humane, thoughtful piece of get the job done.

We do not see characters or stories like this often on the London phase, and it’s to Papatango’s credit score that they’ve trapped by this demonstrate – the script received the company’s annual producing award – when the prepared West Conclude transfer was cancelled thanks to the pandemic. There’s even something oddly proper about the fact the movie can now be accessed from their web page for a democratic £10 a pop. At a time when several of us feared theatre would retreat into escapism, it is heartening that companies like this persist with gritty, meaningful stories. But it’s possible they are just remaining sensible. Bailey is evidently a voice to be reckoned with. It’ll be intriguing to see what he does following.

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