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8 Fun Tech Gadgets Your Cats and Dogs Are Sure to Love




Dogs playing with toys in a yard
Suzanne Humphries

Pets are a full-time commitment. And while loving them and enjoying their company is rewarding, it can still be difficult to carve out time for treats or play. Luckily, these paw-mazing tech gadgets for pets will help you take good care of your furry friends even when you’re working late or out with friends.

These gadgets offer a helping hand when it comes to feeding, playing with, tracking, and even cleaning up after your dogs and cats. They’re convenient to have when you’re home, but especially useful when you aren’t. And if your pets happen to like them, too (and we’re sure they will), who are we to argue with that?


The PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder works for both cats and dogs, and ensures they’ll get fed even when you aren’t at home. Plus, it supports portion contro,l so you can have peace of mind they’re only eating the amount you want them to eat, and not a drop more. The Wi-Fi enabled feeder works with both iOS and Android devices and is even Alexa enabled for added hands-free convenience.

The feeder will automatically notify you when it’s low or empty, ensuring you’ll always have food on hand for your pets. You can schedule as many as 12 meals per day for portions ranging in size from 1/8 cup up to 4 cups. There’s even a Slow Feed setting for meals over 1/8 cup in small amounts over 15 minutes, which is nice to have for pets that tend to scarf down their meals rather than savor them.

The lid, bowl, hopper, and bowl holder are all dishwasher safe, making for easy cleaning. The feeder also has an automatic replenishment option through Amazon Dash Replenishment that can automatically reorder your preferred pet food as soon as it’s running low.


The Petzi Treat Cam offers a terrific way for you to connect with your precious pet when you’re away from home. With it, you can see your pet via the camera, if they’re also in the room, and even talk to it through the one-way speaker. You can access the camera feed via the Petzi app for iOS and Android, and even take snapshots of your pet from there and share them directly to social media.

The clever device also has a built-in treat launcher so if your pet is being extra good or adorable (which of course they are), you can reward them. The Petzi Treat Cam is compatible with Amazon Dash Replenishment, so can automatically get treat refills when you run low. Similarly, you can also opt to pick up the Wyze HD Indoor Smart Home Camera if you prefer a more general indoor camera to keep an eye on your pets. Keep in mind, however, that while the Wyze cam supports two-way audio, it doesn’t dispense treats.

Check Up on Your Pets

Petzi Wi-Fi Treat Cam

Check up on your pets throughout the day and dispense a treat, even if you’re away from home.


When they aren’t sunbathing or napping, cats love quality playtime. Help them hone their hunting skills (and wear down their energy a bit) with this cute PetDroid Boltz Robotic Cat Toy. The toy can move in circles, forward and backward as well as rotate side to side, and it is equally adept at moving around on carpet, hardwood, tile, and other surfaces.

The robotic toy comes with multiple detachable accessories—including ribbons, feathers, and a crinkle ball—that you can swap out. This is great if you own multiple cats, as they may each prefer a specific accessory. The toy automatically detects obstacles like chairs, so you won’t have to worry about it denting your furniture as it moves around. It also has fun colorful LED wheels, so it’ll look extra adorable as it zooms and zips across the room.

The Boltz also features an automatic mode that’s super handy if you’ll be out of the house all day. It turns on every 1.5 hours, then turns back off after 10 minutes, which is just often enough to pique your cat’s interest and give them a little exercise and stimulation without wearing down the battery. Speaking of which, the 620mAh battery can work for up to eight hours on its default running mode.


Playing fetch is fun for dogs but, let’s face it, not a ton of fun for us. After a dozen or so throws, the old arm gets tired, which is where the iFetch Ball Launcher steps in. The interactive ball launcher is the perfect companion for every fetch-loving dog. Plus, there are small and large sizes to choose from based on the size of your dog.

The launchers can shoot tennis balls anywhere from 10 to 40 feet, making them great for both indoor and outdoor use. There’s even a randomizer that will randomly choose how far to shoot the ball and keep your dog guessing. Either size comes with three balls, as well, so you won’t have to worry about buying those in addition to the launcher. The launcher runs on a built-in rechargeable battery, and only requires a quick occasional charge to keep up with your dog.

Play Ball, All Day Long

iFetch Ball Launcher

Save your arm and keep your energetic dog entertained with this automatic interactive ball launcher.


Nobody likes cleaning litter boxes, so why not automate the process? With the PetSafe Self-Cleaning Litter Box, you’ll only have to worry about scooping, cleaning, or refilling your cat’s litter box every few weeks. It’s designed with easy cleanup in mind, too: Just remove the disposable tray, throw it away, and insert a new one.

It automatically removes waste, controls odor, protects against leaks, and uses low-tracking crystals that are dust-free and won’t stick to your cat’s paws. The box itself comes with a hood, allowing your cat some privacy while they answer nature’s call. It’ll even keep track of how many times your cat uses the box so you can monitor their health.


The adorable GoPro Fetch Harness allows you to see the world from your dog’s perspective. It’s the perfect way to see what types of adventures (or trouble) they get up to when you let them outside, and it’s extra fun if you buy one for each of your dogs to see how they play together. The harness can fit dogs anywhere from 15 up to 120 pounds and offers both a back and chest mount to accommodate both small and large dogs.

The harness is fully padded at all adjustment points, so it will always feel comfortable on your pupper. There are also quick-release bases that make it a cinch to attach and detach the camera. And don’t worry—if your dog gets the harness dirty (or goes for a splash or swim), the material holds up to water so you can easily wash it. This only includes the harness, however; you’ll need to provide your own GoPro camera.

See Your Dog’s Adventures


Whether your pet is prone to just taking off and disappearing, or you just want a little peace of mind in the event they just happen to get lost one day, a pet tracker is a must. The Whistle Go Explore is a small pet tracker that fits on your pet’s collar and it offers real-time location tracking. The tracker does require a subscription to AT&T’s 4G LTE-M network starting at $6.95 per month.

With the tracker, you can set things up to receive a quick location notification via the companion iOS and Android apps if your pet happens to make a daring escape from a designated area (set up by you), called a geofence. The battery lasts for up to 20 days on a single charge, and it comes with a built-in light. You have three safety night light settings, slow flash, fast flash, or always on. This makes it easier to spot your pet in the dark, and provides a little light for them if they enter a dark area.

In addition to location tracking, the device can also monitor your pet’s activity levels, nutrition, and overall health. It’ll even make note of behaviors like scratching and licking and sleeping to watch for potential health problems. It also gives you the option to email a 30-day report to your vet if it does detect health issues.


New Photograph Colorization AI Fixes Early Photography’s Old Man Wrinkle Impact




An AI-colorized Abe Lincoln
Time-Travel Rephotography

Basic shots of Abe Lincoln appear amazingly in depth, displaying tons of wrinkles and cracks in the president’s pores and skin. But much of that “detail” is a flaw of early digital camera tech, which could not seize a great chunk of the noticeable mild spectrum. Now, a the Time-Travel Rephotography colorization AI displays us what Abe may well look like if aged cameras were being much more precise.

Before the 1900s, camera negatives ended up blue-sensitive or orthochromatic, that means that they were being additional delicate to mild at the leading of the seen spectrum than light at the base of the obvious spectrum. Warm tones, which give pores and skin a tender, luminescent quality by means of a course of action named sub-surface area scattering, were being absent from images shot just before the 1900s, which is why some outdated portraits glimpse so dang wrinkly.

Time-Travel Rephotography can make up for the shortcomings of early pictures by means of a several fascinating tips. To start with, the Time-Journey Rephotography group runs a image (like the portrait of Abe Lincoln) as a result of StyleGan, an that AI that generates portraits of men and women that do not exist. An AI then takes advantage of the full-coloration “sibling” picture produced by StyleGan to recolor and retouch the black and white resource image. After making use of some smoothing and sharpening outcomes, you finish up with a “more accurate,” complete-colour variation of your resource graphic.

Although AI colorization and the Time-Vacation Rephotography strategy could aid us understand what historical figures seemed like, the technological innovation is nonetheless incredibly flawed. Qualified artists who colorize images shell out a good deal of time studying their subjects to choose the most correct hues they potentially can—a endeavor that is at present not possible for AI. Not to mention, graphic-modifying AI tends to distort shots, leaving behind unusual artifacts and producing faces to glimpse waxy, melted, or misshapen.

The Time-Vacation Rephotography strategy introduces quite a few possibilities for impression distortion, thanks to the use of “sibling” graphic references (which alters the form of the subject’s experience), powerful smoothing and sharpening algorithms, and of system, the AI’s inability to analysis its subjects. When Abe Lincoln in all probability did not search as wrinkly as he does in that vintage black and white photograph, he probably did not have the comfortable, supple, moisturized pores and skin that you see in the AI colorized photo. (Or it’s possible he did,

Even although it is a little bit flawed, Time-Vacation Rephotography is 1 of the ideal AI colorization techniques out there, and it will only increase improved with time. Expert colorization may possibly produce superior results, but AI colorization is better than almost nothing and could assist people sense more related with the very last 200 several years of record.

Supply: Time Travel Rephotrography by way of Gizmodo

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