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Auction For BMW Company Owned Cars & Bikes Begins From Rs. 1.7 Lakh




2019 BMW Z4 M40i Front

BMW Group India auction has many lucrative models from BMW, BMW Motorrad and Mini listed and they range from Rs. 1.70 lakh to Rs. 1.15 crore

In an exclusive report, we can reveal that BMW Group India is conducting an auction on March 20 and 21, 2021 and the bidding can be placed online. As many as 54 BMW Group owned cars and motorcycles are listed for the auction and to participate, potential buyers will have to pay Rs. 5,000 to enroll themselves but is not refundable.

Some of the listed cars are unregistered and the purchase through the auction will make the highest bidder the first owner. The BMW X4 M, a single unit available in India, Z4 40i, X6, M2 and M5 are notable examples. The interested participants can bid below the reference price as well and they can be part of the auction from anywhere across the country online.

As for the motorcycles from BMW Motorrad, the BMW F 750 GS, the BMW F 850 GS, the BMW G 310 GS, the BMW G 310 R, the BMW F 750 GS, and BMW R NINE T are available. The entry-level G310 R manufactured in 2018 with 5,553 km on the odometer carries a base price of Rs. 1.70 lakh and for its adv sibling, Rs. 2 lakh being quoted.

Model Odo MFG Price
1. BMW X1 20D 5712 Km 2019 Rs. 32,00,000
2. BMW X1 20D M Sport 14865 Km 2019 Rs. 32,50,000
3. BMW X1 20D M Sport 10456 Km 2019 Rs. 32,50,000
4. BMW X1 sDrive 20D M Sport 13801 Km 2019 Rs. 32,00,000
5. BMW X1 sDrive 20D M Sport 13935 Km 2019 Rs. 32,00,000
6. BMW X1 xDrive 20D M Sport 11187 Km 2019 Rs. 32,75,000
7. BMW X1 sDrive 20D M Sport 13218 Km 2019 Rs. 32,00,000
8. BMW X3 M 2235 Km 2019 Rs. 85,00,000
9. BMW X3 M 6693 Km 2019 Rs. 85,00,000
10. BMW X3 xDrive 20D 21709 Km 2018 Rs. 41,00,000
11. BMW X3 xDrive 20D Luxury Line 20489 Km 2019 Rs. 44,10,000
12. BMW X4 xDrive 20D M Sport X 6481 Km 2019 Rs. 46,50,000
13. BMW X4 xDrive 20D M Sport X 18921 Km 2019 Rs. 44,50,000
14. BMW X4 xDrive 20D M Sport X 9140 Km 2019 Rs. 45,50,000
15. BMW X4 xDrive 20D M Sport X 15144 Km 2019 Rs. 44,50,000
16. BMW X4 xDrive 20D M Sport X 23857 Km 2019 Rs. 44,00,000
17. BMW X4 xDrive 20D M Sport X 8019 Km 2019 Rs. 46,50,000
18. BMW X4 M 109 Km 2019 Rs. 95,00,000
19. BMW X5 xDrive30D Edition X 33630 Km 2018 Rs. 45,00,000
20. BMW X6 XDrive40I 5003 Km 2019 Rs. 84,00,000
21. BMW X7 xDrive40i 4758 Km 2019 Rs. 95,00,000
22. BMW 3 Series 320D 19371 Km 2019 Rs. 33,50,000
23. BMW 5 Series 530i M Sport 7208 Km 2019 Rs. 42,50,000
24. BMW 5 Series 520d Luxury Line 9172 Km 2019 Rs. 42,50,000
25. BMW 6 Series GT 620 D 8487 Km 2019 Rs. 46,50,000
26. BMW 6 Series GT 620 D Luxury Line 18027 Km 2019 Rs. 46,50,000
27. BMW 6 Series GT 620 D Luxury Line 13,442 Km 2019 Rs. 46,50,000
28. BMW 7 Series 730Ld 11520 Km 2019 Rs. 82,00,000
29. BMW 7 Series 730Ld 26378 Km 2018 Rs. 72,00,000
30. BMW 7 Series 730Ld 12000 Km 2019 Rs. 82,00,000
31. BMW Z4 M40i 3068 Km 2019 Rs. 67,00,000
32. BMW M5 Competition 2334 Km 2019 Rs. 1,15,00,000
33. BMW M2 Competition 2792 Km 2019 Rs. 68,00,000
34. Mini Countryman Cooper S 2524 Km 2019 Rs. 27,00,000
35. Mini Cooper S Clubman 5005 Km 2018 Rs. 32,00,000
36. Mini Cooper S Clubman 5158 Km 2017 Rs. 31,00,000
37. Mini Cooper S Clubman 15278 Km 2018 Rs. 31,50,000
38. Mini Cooper S LCI Clubman 5846 Km 2019 Rs. 38,00,000
39. BMW 3 Series 320D Luxury Line 12090 Km 2019 Rs. 33,00,000
40. BMW 3 Series 320D Luxury Line 13476 2020 Rs. 33,00,000
41. BMW 3 Series 320D Gran Tourismo 23134 Km 2019 Rs. 33,50,000
42. BMW X4 xDrive30d M Sport X 16421 Km 2019 Rs. 49,00,000
43. BMW X4 xDrive30d M Sport X 9304 Km 2019 Rs. 50,00,000
44. BMW X4 xDrive30d M Sport X 22238 Km 2019 Rs. 48,50,000
45. BMW X5 xDrive30D xLine 39718 Km 2019 Rs. 64,00,000
46. BMW X1 sDrive20d xLine 3391 Km 2020 Rs. 32,50,000
47. BMW M5 Competition 5520 Km 2019 Rs. 1,15,00,000
48. BMW M2 Competition 31 KM 2019 Rs. 64,00,000
49. BMW F 750 GS 274 Km 2018 Rs. 9,50,000
50. BMW F 850 GS Adventure 964 Km 2019 Rs. 11,00,000
51. BMW G 310 GS 4677 Km 2018 Rs. 2,00,000
52. BMW G 310 R 5553 Km 2018 Rs. 1,70,000
53. BMW F 750 GS 3561 2018 Rs. 9,50,000
54. BMW R NINET 1142 Km 2019 Rs. 14,75,000

It goes up to Rs. 14.75 lakh for the R Nine T, manufactured in 2019 with 1,142 Km onboard. As for cars, the Mini Countryman Cooper S with 2,524 km on the do and produced in 2019, carries a base price of Rs. 27 lakh while the Mini Cooper S Clubman costs Rs. 31.50 lakh before the auction and the Cooper S LCI Clubman costs Rs. 38 lakh.

On the BMW side, the BMW X1 sDrive 20D M Sport has a base price of Rs. 32 lakh with 13,218 km on the odometer. The German luxury carmaker has presented 5 units of the 3 Series and 3 Series GT along with 9 units of the X4 and 8 units of the X1. Three examples of the 6 Series GT manufactured in 2019, 2 units of the 7 Series and 5 units of the M-spec cars are also available in the auction.

bmw x4

Other cars waiting to be auctioned out are X3 and X5. Sitting at the top with the highest base price of Rs. 1.15 crore are 2 units of the BMW M5 Competition rolled out of the production lines in 2019 and they have clocked 2334 km and 5520 km respectively.


Mahindra XUV900 Coupe SUV To Use Engines From XUV700




mahindra XUV900

Mahinda XUV900 coupe-type SUV is predicted to arrive in 2024, and it will share its powertrain options with the before long-to-start XUV700

Past month, Mahindra & Mahindra experienced filed a trademark for the ‘XUV900’ name in India. Now, it is staying documented that this upcoming car will be a coupe-fashion SUV, and that the maker has already greenlit its output. Codenamed ‘W620’, this approaching motor vehicle will be the 1st coupe SUV ever by the homegrown UV maker.

The Mahindra XUV900 will be obtainable with the similar two motor selections that will be presented on the soon-to-start XUV700 – a 2.-litre ‘mStallion’ petrol and a 2.2-litre ‘mHawk’ diesel unit. Transmission alternatives will contain a 6-speed handbook and 6-pace torque-converter automatic gearbox, the exact same as XUV700. Entrance-wheel-drive will be conventional, and the auto could get an all-wheel-push possibility as very well.

Coupe-type SUVs aren’t a new idea BMW begun the trend back again in 2008 with the X6, and lots of other international carmakers have jumped into this market place place because. Mahindra has been fascinated in coupe SUVs for a several yrs now, and it very first showcased a coupe-design SUV – XUV Aero strategy – back at the 2016 Auto Expo.

Mahindra xuv Aero concept showcased-4

On the other hand, due to lower prospective customers of achievement back then, the principle in no way translated into a creation design. Matters are a lot distinct now, and Mahindra has managed to set up itself in the way of living SUV current market area in India, thanks to the 2nd-era Thar. The manufacturer is now preparing to broaden its lifestyle SUV lineup, with the expected launch of XUV900 in the long run.

The impending Mahindra XUV900 will have a whole lot of discrepancies in structure in comparison to the XUV Aero notion. The latter was dependent on the latest-gen XUV500, which is established to be discontinued in the coming months along with the start of the XUV700. We imagine that the XUV900 will share its style and design with the XUV700, which would also enable maintain the expenditures down.


The Mahindra coupe SUV is predicted to launch in 2024, and will be positioned higher than the XUV700, just as the title indicates. Earlier this year, the company experienced declared that it would aim on its main, i.e., SUVs, and the XUV900 feels like an additional amazing step in that course.

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