SideQuest’s New Android Application Lets You Sideload to Your Oculus devoid of a Personal computer

The new SideQuest Android app for PC-less content sideloading
The new SideQuest Android app for PC-less content sideloading

SideQuest—the instrument famous for allowing Oculus Quest customers properly perform further functions and get a lot more apps—now has a model new Android app. This implies you are going to no longer need to have to carry your Pc into the approach when hoping to sideload articles.

The SideQuest app (No cost) is continue to in BETA, but offers an less difficult way for you to find Application Lab material and other sideloading written content and install it on your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 from a supported Android product. Any AppLab written content you decide on on SideQuest is then extra to your Fb account and manufactured obtainable in the headset. Meanwhile, other sideloading articles is ready to be installed to your Oculus headset by way of USB-C cable from your Android, although there’s also a wi-fi solution readily available if you do not mind it currently being a little bit a lot more concerned.

The application will continue to make offered in-development content for testing and to give a path for devs to get opinions on and promote their impending initiatives. It’s a tremendous helpful workaround for Facebook’s tightened Quest storefront and release schedule. 

Nevertheless, there will be some projects—such as the Doom 3 port by Group Beef—that will involve the authentic match documents to be stored in a folder on the headset. You can get those people from Steam, having said that, as a workaround, as a faster way to obtain that form of articles without a Computer has yet to be established.

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