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A New Pilot Program Will Bring Tesla Model Y Taxis to NYC



Tesla yellow taxi on the streets of NYC
Ido Simantov

Tesla’s Model 3 cabs are already on the streets of New York City, and now, thanks to Gravity Inc.’s new pilot program, Tesla’s Model Y vehicles will be joining them to help introduce more battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) to the taxi industry.

Gravity, a private transportation company focusing on future innovations for the betterment of passenger experiences, has been working with The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) and various state agencies and corporations to get the pilot program approved. In a press release, Gravity noted that currently, all BEVs that can go 0-to-60 in under 4.4 seconds are eligible to be a part of the program. This means the long-range Tesla Model Y is eligible, and the TLC unanimously approved a one-year pilot program for it.

Gravity EVs

Gravity’s push for the Model Y over other models is due to its spacious interior cabin that will comfortably fit a larger variety of users. Additionally, the Model Y has a load of innovative tech features that make the experience better for drivers and passengers alike, such as 22-inch interactive screens, Wi-Fi, driver monitoring and correcting AI, and night-vision 360-degree cameras around the vehicle. Plus, with its long-range capacity, the Model Y can run multiple shifts throughout the city on a single charge. 

“By reimagining the legacy of the iconic yellow taxi, Gravity is bringing a new value to travel that the City needs,” stated Gravity Advisor and Regulatory Counsel Matt Daus. “We wholeheartedly applaud the TLC and the commissioner for their forward-looking BEV pilot and look forward to being a big part of it.”

With its long-range capacity, fleet of tech features, and support for both street hailing and on-demand booking at current yellow cab prices, the Tesla Model Y makes for a smart addition to New York City’s taxi industry. Once it launches this pilot program, Gravity hopes to bring it to other dense urban areas.

Source: Gravity Inc. via Teslarati


LEGO Reveals Its Initial Prototype Brick Made of Recycled Plastic



Prototype recycled LEGO bricks.

LEGO a short while ago fully commited to minimizing its carbon emissions by 37% by 2032, a target that will demand main adjustments to the manufacturing and packaging of LEGO sets. Now, the company is showing off its initial prototype brick produced fully from recycled PET bottles.

The journey towards sustainable LEGO bricks has been a long time coming. Back again in 2018, LEGO commenced working with bio-PE product sustainably sourced from sugar cane to manufacture delicate LEGO pieces, like tree leaves and minifigure capes. The corporation has also identified accomplishment in replacing its packaging with environmentally-helpful resources and aims for 100% sustainable packaging by 2025.

But crafting really hard and tough LEGO bricks without solitary-use plastic is a complicated undertaking. Plant-based plastics just never get the career done, and it is hard to find a recyclable product that is both durable and easy to approach.

But recycled PET bottles may be the respond to to LEGO’s challenge. Via a recently-devised course of action, LEGO can shred and mould plastic bottles into bricks that are durable, uniformly formed, and painful to step on. These bricks are colorless, and LEGO hints that the manufacturing approach isn’t 100% reliable, but it is a significant move in the suitable way.

LEGO’s approach ought to be quite efficient—the organization states that a a single-liter PET bottle can provide plenty of product for 10 regular-sized (2×4) LEGO bricks. If you have a dozen one particular-liter bottles in your recycling bin, for instance, LEGO could switch them into 120 bricks (assuming that the bottles are PET plastic).

We do not know when the to start with recycled LEGO bricks will locate their way into a set (or change solitary-use LEGOs fully), but it will likely happen in the next couple of yrs. LEGO has produced significant development considering the fact that is started producing sustainable bricks in 2020, and the corporation is pouring tons of methods into a a lot more sustainable future. You can browse a lot more about LEGO’s environmental ambitions on the company’s internet site.

Resource: LEGO

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