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Oculus Quest Update Places You Inside of Online games With Just an Apple iphone



Oculus Mixed Reality overlay

Oculus Quest proprietors will be pleased to find out that their headsets are about to get even better. Right after a major update a few weeks in the past, these days, Oculus introduced program v29 with mixed actuality overlay and seize on Iphone, phone notifications inside the headset, and considerably far more.

This is a large update packed with options. That stated, it’s the new “Live Overlay” mode allowing proprietors to quickly add and capture combined reality with practically nothing additional than an Iphone. In essence, remaining ready to place yourself within the video game, then observe or capture a online video of claimed game, like this.

Formerly, if you wished to put by yourself into a VR sport or app, it necessary connecting a effective Pc, digital camera, wiring all the things up, and even working with a green display screen. Of course, none of that is perfect, which is why with Oculus update v29, you can do it with an Apple iphone.

According to Oculus, this operates with the Apple iphone XS or newer and any VR application that supports casting and recording. Also, the update adds support to seize anything you say with the designed-in microphone. That way, buyers can capture their voices though recording a clip.

See phone notifications inside the Oculus Quest headset

Yet another fun new addition is the selection to incorporate your mobile phone notifications inside the headset. This way, you never have to take off the Oculus headset to see an incoming text or e-mail on your phone. In its place, pair your Iphone to the headset and see nearly anything crucial as it comes in. This is only for iOS, but Oculus verified it’s on the way for Android, also.

Additionally, Oculus adds some functions to the initial Quest that not too long ago came to the Quest 2, like multi-person accounts and App sharing. That way, a lot more than one particular particular person can use and enjoy the same headset. And no, secondary accounts will not see your cell phone notifications.

Last but not least, a Data files app will demonstrate up in your application folder following this update. Acquiring a devoted documents application will allow for you to download and upload media information “to and from your beloved websites” with the headset browser. And very last but not the very least, Oculus additional a shortcut for its Passthrough function. That way, you can speedily toggle Passthrough to see the authentic world without having off the headset.

This is a massive update but remember that Oculus rolls these out little by little, so it may possibly be a small wait before viewing it on your gadget.

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Our 5 Favorite Prime Day 2021 Deals (Day Two)



A set of true wireless earbuds, orbi routers, netgear ethernet switch, projector, and Olympus camera in a collage
Sennheiser, Netgear, Olympus, Anker

It’s day two of Amazon Prime Day (yeah we question the name too), and all the deals are underway. While some of yesterday’s best deals are still going, Amazon saved quite a few for today. As always the list is big, but we dug in for you and chose our five favorite deals.

One thing we can’t guarantee is that any of these deals will stay in stock long, we saw multiple sales quickly sell out yesterday while others lasted through the day. We also tried to scour high and low for prices … well high and low. Some of these sales are still expensive, but at a significant savings, while others are well in spurge spending territory. Without further adieu, here are our favorite deals.

The Prettiest Pretty Pictures

Let’s go ahead and get one of the priciest items on our list out of the way first thing. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III, built for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, houses a 20MP live MOS sensor to take high-end photos. It’s resistant to dust, splashes, and cold weather so you can take it with you anywhere.

It’s also more compact and lightweight than the Mark II that came before it. Taking night shots should be easier thanks to its 5-axis image stabilization, and if you’re in the mood it can capture video at 4K.  The LCD flips out to help frame the perfect shot, and with a tripod you can use its 50MP high Res shot mode. This kit comes with a 14-150mm Weather sealed lens, but you can always buy more.

A significant savings

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

If you’ve always wanted to splurge on a really high-end camera, but they were just too much, now’s your chance. You’ll still spend quite a bit, but at $700 off you’ll save a lot too.


Who Needs a Big TV?

Giant TVs are great, but they’re also expensive and take up a ton of room. Instead, why not put a 150-inch screen in your room without spending 150-inch tv pricing? Anker’s Nebula Cosmos Max projector can put out a 4K resolution 150 image, and it’ll cost you less than half as much as actual TVs.

It even comes with Android TV baked in, so you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, or nearly any other streaming service you desire. It can adjust as needed for nearly any placement, from straight on to angled projecting. And with today’s deal, you could spring for a projector screen and still come out ahead. Sometimes projectors really are the better choice over TVs.

Bigger is better

Anker Nebula Cosmos Max

Capable of putting an image up to 150 inches, you don’t need to go bankrupt buying a giant TV with this projector. You’ll even get Android TV right out of the box.


Wi-Fi That Won’t Quit

Do you have trouble getting Wi-Fi to all the corners of your home? If your bedroom feels like a dead zone, a Wi-Fi 6 MESH kit might help. And if you’re adding more smart home devices every day, you may soon find that a Wi-Fi 6 router is the only thing that can keep up with all the demands.

The NETGEAR Orbi Pro WiFi 6 MESH kit promises to cover homes up to 9,000 square feet with its one home and two satellite setup. It can handle up to 6 Gbps network speeds, making it future-proof, and you can separate everything out into its own network. That could guests, work, and smart home devices. Even if you don’t have any Wi-Fi 6 devices today, they’ll benefit from the new routers, so there’s no reason to wait.

Fast as lightning

NETGEAR Orbi Pro Wifi 6 Mesh Router

If your home feels like a ton of dead spots then you a MESH kit. And if you’ve littered every space with smart devices, only a Wi-Fi 6 MESH kit, like this one, will keep up.


Less Wireless and More Wired

Of course, fast Wi-Fi is great but wired where possible is always better. The problem is many routers and models come with just a few ethernet ports. You may soon find every connection taken after plugging in the PC, a smart TV, a gaming console, and a NAS. The NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch takes care of that problem.

Just plug into your existing router or modem, and you’ve instantly added five more ethernet ports to your setup. And since it’s an unmanaged switch, you don’t have to worry about software. Just connect it to your modem or router, then connect your wired devices to it and you’re done.

More ports


Music To Your Ears

What’s better than a set of true wireless earbuds? An affordable set with Active Noise Canceling, AAC, aptX, and SBC codec support! Today’s deal of Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless Earbuds is too good to pass up.

For your hard earned dollars, you get the earbuds, a case that provides up to 20 hours of battery life, and of course the charging cable. With its included app, you can adjust the sound of these true wireless earbuds, and they’ll pair with your favorite smart assistant.

ANC for less


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