Eric Dier: England manager Gareth Southgate claims dropping Tottenham participant for Euro 2020 was ‘difficult call’

Eric Dier: England manager Gareth Southgate says dropping Tottenham player for Euro 2020 was ‘difficult call’

Dier has been a frequent because Southgate was appointed as England supervisor and shone for him at the 2018 Environment Cup in Russia.

Southgate as an alternative opted to go for the likes of uncapped pair Ben Godfrey and Ben White and he has admitted it was not easy dropping Dier.

Questioned if it was a tough discussion with Dier, Southgate said: “Yes, surely.

The FA by means of Getty Images

“He is a person who I have great respect for and he has been, as you’ve rightly determined, a critical participant in some of our major evenings, some of our biggest times.

“Unfortunately I just really do not consider his year has been sturdy adequate to be in the squad.

“And that is a complicated contact since I know how a lot he provides to the whole group, and when you are away at a tournament, these staff gamers, people individuals that put the team 1st, are critical.

“So that wasn’t an uncomplicated conversation. But he’s an superb expert and he took the information in a actually experienced way.”

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