IKEA and Sonos Crafted a “Picture Body Speaker,” but You Just cannot Place Pics in It

The Ikea Picture Frame speaker.
The Ikea Picture Frame speaker.

IKEA and Sonos just disclosed the hottest merchandise in their SYMFONISK good speaker lineup all through a stay start function. Meet the SYMFONISK Image Frame Speaker, a skinny and attractive Wi-Fi audio answer that mounts on a wall like a standard image frame.

Launching July 15th for $200, the Picture Frame Speaker does every little thing that you’d assume from a Sonos-branded product. It functions access to Sonos’ exceptional Radio platform and can pair with other Sonos or SYMFONISK speakers for stereo listening. Moreover, it is suitable with Google Assistant, Alexa, and HomeKit for Siri or AirPlay 2 management. You can also management the speaker from the Sonos app or by way of its side-mounted volume buttons.

But the Picture Frame Speaker lacks a single feature—it just can’t hold photographs. Unusual!


Alternatively of holding pics like a serious image body, the IKEA Photograph Body Speaker attributes artwork on its grill. IKEA plans to provide substitute grills with cool art and patterns for $20 a pop, equivalent to how the business sells alternative grills for its Eneby speaker.

Inspiration for the identify “Picture Frame Speaker” would seem to occur from the device’s type issue. Not only is it thinner than the other wall-hanging speakers in IKEA’s catalog, but it simply cannot stand up on its personal, so it desires to be mounted to a wall. (I know that IKEA’s marketing images exhibit it sitting on a table, but it is truly propped up from a wall. This isn’t a freestanding speaker, though Diy fanatics will most likely find a way to incorporate toes or a kickstand to it.)

The Ikea picture frame speaker's cable management cutout and removable grill.

Of system, shallow type aspects aren’t really perfect for speakers, and inserting the bottom of a speaker against a wall can guide to muddled seem, buzzing, and annoyed neighbors. That is why IKEA and Sonos used some tips to aid the Photograph Body Speaker task audio close to a place, like a waveguide on its tweeter and a specially-developed subwoofer. The device’s enclosure ought to aid retain sound excellent apparent, as it has delicate feet and a backside that isolates the device’ speakers from the wall.

The SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker needs wired electrical power, although it has a large cutout for cable administration and can daisy chain to equivalent speakers for a cleaner setup. The electricity cable can route in many instructions, so you aren’t trapped mounting the speaker in a portrait orientation.

IKEA will start the SYMFONISK Photograph Frame Speaker on July 15th for $200. Substitution grills for the speaker that includes exclusive artwork will value $20 each individual. Although its type variable isn’t great for higher-good quality audio, it’s a excellent alternative for those people who want a easy and elegant speaker with killer wireless controls. It would also make a good addition to Sonos full-home audio setups, as it’s discreet and may in shape in hallways or bogs greater than a freestanding speaker.

Resource: Ikea

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