‘Loki’ Episode 4 Evaluation: They Lied to Us

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Immediately after a unexciting third episode, I went into episode four of Loki fearing more of the identical and a collection that would not keep up. Well, I have superior news! Episode 4 turned factors close to instantly. And in genuine Marvel style, it still left us with numerous inquiries. You see, they lied to us.

Warning:  This is a evaluate of an ongoing tv set collection and will have spoilers.

Beforehand on Loki


When past still left off, Loki and Sylvie (the identify our Lady Loki prefers) managed to strand by themselves on a moon. Oh, and the moon’s world? At present crashing into the moon. We learned a few issues bout Sylvie (she taught herself magic) and a tantalizing depth about the Time Variance Agency. You see, each and every TVA Agent is a variant! Just as we acquired that doozy of a element, Loki and Sylvie’s past hope of receiving off the moon alive literally blew up in advance of their eyes.

And that’s it, seriously. Past 7 days was a unexciting episode. Luckily this week proved to be significantly a lot more fascinating. You may possibly assume we’d start off with just how Loki and Sylvie will stay clear of specified demise, but that is not what happened.

Sylvie Kidnapped

Renslayer in front of a guard.

Very well, at this position, I consider we can say with certainty that Sylvie is actually a Loki just after all. Her powers and picked out title screams Enchantress, but her backstory confirms if not. The episode begins in Asgard, with a young girl Loki participating in with her toys. It is hard to say how previous she is mainly because Asgardians and Frost Giants reside pretty much permanently and who is aware how they age. But bodily, she appears to be like a 12-calendar year-aged little one.

The TVA kidnaps hers, resets the timeline, and accuses her of crimes versus the Sacred Timeline. But prior to they can decide her, she manages to bite her guard on the wrist, steal their TemPad and escape the TVA entirely. Oh, and the guard in question? Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), Mobius’s (Owen Wilson) manager and now a choose.

Listed here, just as the flashback ends, we get our initially true look at the Time Keepers. Just kidding, they are cloaked in shadow, and all we definitely see are silhouettes and glowing eyes. Renslayer seemingly current them on the current occasions, and it did not go effectively. Afterwards, Mobius requires to job interview the agent Sylvie kidnapped and enchanted. But that is apparently not doable: she’s dead. Renslayer promises that Sylvie’s magic drove her ridiculous, and she died. If you’re like me, anything at all Renslayer suggests appears to be suspect at this place. But no time for that how are Lokie and Sylvie accomplishing?

Who Else Could Loki Love but By themselves

A captured Sylvie being led down a hall.

So, stranded on a moon, unable to escape the utter destruction coming from the world crashing into anything, what are Loki and Sylvie to do? To be genuine, I predicted Loki to expose the TemPad wasn’t actually damaged at this point, but I guess I named that improper. They two sat and waited for the close to occur. Loki apologized. And then they reminisce. Sylvie barely remembers Asgard, which would seem probably. She could be a thousand a long time previous or far more, and she hasn’t viewed Asgard considering that she was a little one.

As the finish will come, Loki attempts to give Sylvie a pep converse, to tell her what helps make a Loki truly a Loki. She, like all Lokis, are survivors. They might fail, they could drop, but no make any difference what, they normally survive. And, astonishingly, she managed to escape and elude the TVA even as a child. Loki usually takes Sylvie’s hand and dangle on, is this romance? The music appears like romance. They are wanting at every single other with googly eyes. Is Loki slipping in appreciate with Loki? Ew.

No time to believe about that, however, due to the fact a thing is resulting in the greatest spike on the timeline the TVA has ever seen, and it qualified prospects them straight to Loki and Sylvie. They really do not die a fiery loss of life. As a substitute, it’s again to the TVA as prisoners.

Oh That Cameo

Mobius and Renslayer talking

By much, the emphasize of the episode is an sudden cameo. Just after capturing the Lokis, the brokers lock up Sylvie somewhere unseen, and Mobius pushes Loki through a crimson door. Just in advance of he can, though, Loki tells Mobius the TVA is lying to him.

On the other facet of the door, Loki finds himself again in Asgard. And out steps Sif (Jamie Alexander), a character we have not noticed given that Thor 2 (or quite possibly Brokers of Defend if that is regarded canon). She retains up her hair, which Loki apparently cut off, beats up Loki, then tells him he warrants to be by itself. He will normally be. Right after walking absent, the complete sequence of functions loops and repeats, and nothing Loki suggests or does can crack the cycle.

It’s fantastic to see Sif again, and it’s also coronary heart-wrenching to enjoy the moment split Loki. It is not just the actual physical abuse, but the mental anguish of listening to these words, “you deserve to be on your own, and you usually will be.”

In amongst beatings, Mobius satisfies with Loki just very long ample to hear the relaxation of what he has to say. That everybody in the TVA is actually a variant. Mobius also confirms the authentic trigger of that large spike—the point that Loki and Sylvie were slipping in love. Two variants of the exact same becoming slipping in love would build pure chaos. As Mobius so aptly places it, “what an very seismic narcissist.”

But All is Not Properly in the TVA

Morbius looking at a TemPad

What this episode of Loki manages to do is manage all the “meanwhile” plotlines very well. Even as Mobius is beginning to imagine Loki about the TVA’s lies, B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku), the hunter Sylvie enchanted, is starting off to have uncertainties also. She remembers her past. And so she breaks into Sylvie’s keeping mobile, takes her to an apocalypse, and the two form a system.

For the duration of a “case closed” assembly with Renslayer, Morbius manages to swap his TemPad for hers and find out the fact about the agent who “died from madness.” She didn’t go crazy she remembered her previous. And she understood the real truth, every person at the TVA is a variant. Renslayer experienced her killed.

Morbius satisfies up with Loki to sort a strategy, but Renslayer catches on initial. And she has an agent “prune” Morbius. Pruning looks a great deal like disintegration. And to be truthful, at initial, I assumed it was a trick. That Loki experienced his powers, and he illusioned Morbius absent. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In its place, Loki and Sylvie are taken to meet the Time Keepers. The Time Keepers want to see Loki and Sylvie pruned personally. On the way up the golden elevators, Sylvie asks Renslayer what celebration triggered the TVA to choose to kidnap her as a youngster. Commonly they only treatment after a timeline will get much enough off keep track of from the sacred timeline. It does not feel like the simple fact that she’s a female Loki did the trick after all, they didn’t occur after her at delivery. But Renslayer statements she just can’t recall. I consider this will arrive back in a later on episode.

What happens following is both of those some of the very best and worst sections of the episodes. We eventually see the Time Keepers! For actual! But uh, you far better switch on the captions. They gave every single Time Keeper a thick accent, and snake-like rasps, and an echoey voice. I could not realize something they ended up stating. It is awful.

None of that issues, although. B-15 reveals up with Sylvie’s weapons, a large battle ensues, Renslayer and B-15 get knocked out, and only Loki and Sylvie are left standing. The Time Keepers start off to bargain, contacting Sylvie a Time Kid, but she throws her swords and beheads just one of them.

I Called It

B-15 standing in front of a door


Back again in episode two, I speculated that the Time Keepers weren’t real. They depended also significantly on religion, and only Renslayer appeared to have seen them in individual. It all felt off and weird, like a large lie to invest in loyalty. I guess I was primarily suitable. When the Time Keeper’s head bounces down to our Lokis, they explore the truth—the Time Keepers are robots. Animatronic puppets. The other two just slump. Anyone else made the TVA, and the complete issue is crafted on a pack of lies. All the things they informed us is a lie.

Sylvie is despondent, and Loki attempts to consolation her with a occupation of really like (ew?). But right before he has the opportunity, Renslayer “prunes” him from behind. Sylvie bests Renslayer once again, and we finish on the words, “you’re gonna inform me all the things.”

Except we don’t! If you cling all around, this episode gives us our first mid-credit scene. Loki is alive! Advertisement surrounded. By other Lokis. There is Youthful Loki, Traditional Loki, Boatsful Loki, and Alligator Loki. Youthful Loki and Vintage Loki are straight out of the comic textbooks, and I have to say Traditional Loki’s costume looks perfect and wonderful and just as awful as it should. And if you seem carefully, the history is a destroyed city, complete with what appears like an exploded Avengers Tower. Now the episode is accomplished.

And boy, do we have additional inquiries.

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