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Android Has a Major Messaging Problem, and It Broke My Texts for a Week



Texts sent over SMS on a Pixel 5, Pink Floyd lyrics for 'Comfortably Numb'
Cameron Summerson

When Google starting up rolling out RCS messaging (Google Chat) in Android Messages, I could not wait to try out it. And it’s been fantastic—iMessage-like performance with other Android customers is magnificent. That is, right until last week when Google Chat refused to link, and I was trapped in RCS Hell for four days.

What does that necessarily mean, particularly? It implies that Chat disconnected, so all RCS characteristics ceased to operate. Other RCS/Chat users were obtaining my messages more than SMS, but that didn’t function both of those ways—they were being responding, the messages were demonstrating as “delivered,” but I didn’t get them. In essence, messages ended up ending up in some purgatory, and all people thought I was ignoring them. Considering the context and timeliness of some of these conversations, that left me in a bad place.

Prior to we get into the trenches, nonetheless, a few items will need to be clarified. To start, I use “Google Chat” and “RCS” interchangeably right here. No need to consider earlier that—for the scope of this article, they are the similar. Secondly, effectively, let us discuss about what RCS really is.

Interesting Story, Bro. But What Even Is RCS?

Ah, sure. I’m glad you asked! RCS stands for Loaded Interaction Services, and it’s destined to (with any luck ,, sooner or later) be the replacement for SMS (Shorter Messaging Company). As text messaging has gotten a lot more prolific (and the primary variety of communication for many), it’s also become abundantly crystal clear how confined it truly is.

If you have at any time applied iMessage on an Iphone or iPad, then you’re mainly familiar with how RCS will work.  It’s a “true” messaging platform—you can see when individuals are typing, react to messages, mail higher high quality video and images, and more. It is what most individuals have come to assume from an quick messaging platform.

It is wonderful … until finally it is not.

RCS Hell Is a Actual Area, and I’ve Been There

Google Chat services showing connected on a Pixel 5
There was a time when I believed I could possibly never see this display once again. Cameron Summerson

Iphone end users who change to Android have probably knowledgeable what is normally known as “iMessage Hell.” When the cellular phone selection is nevertheless associated with iMessage, that’s where messages go. So if you change to Android without 1st deregistering iMessage, those people messages get dropped into the abyss.

It’s this kind of a significant issue that Apple experienced to create a way for end users to deregister iMessage just after they’ve jumped ship. Back again in the working day, there was no simple way to take care of this at the time the Apple iphone was absent.

RCS Hell, as described earlier, is fundamentally the same point. It’s a purgatory for messages that have a destination but no suggests to get there. They are left, just floating all over in cyberspace accomplishing what ever unread, undelivered messages do, which I can only suppose consists of weeping and gnashing of enamel.

Here’s the variance: there is no way for Android people to take care of that. I know due to the fact I attempted. Here’s how it all went down.

Previous Wednesday, I was at the Kia dealership obtaining some operate done on my car or truck. I experimented with to mail my spouse a text, but it sat on the “sending” display for a very long time. I checked the net link, my VPN, and the mobile community. I restarted my mobile phone. Very little assisted.

Then I checked the position of Google Chat, and it was trapped on “Status: Verifying.” I verified my phone quantity, but it wouldn’t join. I tried a brief net look for and examined all the out there “fixes,” which did totally nothing.

Right after two days of seeking on my have, I contacted Google Pixel help (one particular of the many benefits of owning a Pixel mobile phone, by the way), who had me consider many distinctive fixes that I hadn’t presently tried. Yet again, absolutely nothing. By the finish, we’d fatigued all the typical fixes and Google claimed it was my carrier. But that did not make any feeling at all, simply because it worked fantastic on my wife’s cell phone.

Off to Cricket Wireless I went. If I’ve figured out just about anything about my 10-year vocation, it is that provider staff know minimal to nothing at all about, properly, everything. I tried out to clarify the issue, and as I predicted, the provider rep experienced no concept what I was indicating. I had a hunch it might be the SIM card, so I just requested for a SIM swap right after about 15 minutes of having nowhere else.

Guess what? That did not correct it both. It had been 3 times considering the fact that Chat final labored.

During all this, I had been disabling Chat to deliver SMS messages to persons. They have been obtaining those, but responses had been however likely into the abyss, in spite of acquiring Chat disabled. The only way I was in a position to get any response was if the man or woman manually went in and manually pressured the information to mail as SMS. That is just as well significantly headache to even explain, enable alone get somebody to truly do—it’s not intuitive at all for most “normal” buyers.

Following 4 days and dozens of makes an attempt to get Chat to join to no avail, it eventually reconnected last Saturday morning. As suddenly as it stopped operating, it started off all over again. I got a flood of messages—probably 80 or more—including a few from men and women I didn’t know had even experimented with to textual content me. Oops.

There’s no sign of what brought on the problem in the initially put, nor what set it. It just all took place.

Google Requires a Superior Fallback System

A message sent of Chat/RCS on a Pixel 5

So, here’s the challenge: if RCS fails, it is meant to drop back again to SMS. But in my circumstance, it didn’t—and I’m not the only one. A swift search showed that this is an difficulty for a large amount of people today. Looking at that a significant variety of people have important conversations around text, this is unacceptable.

As outlined previously, Apple provides a way to deregister iMessage in the function the user switches platforms, but this could just as easily be applied if there is an iMessage issue. Google’s existing process of simply just disabling Chat functions on the person end is not fantastic ample.

There ought to be a straightforward way to unenroll from RCS absolutely. That way, in an occasion like this, messages nonetheless appear by means of. Then the user can have the solution to re-enroll later if they select. But it would correctly do away with RCS Hell, at least right until a greater technique surfaces.

Regrettably, You Get What You Get for Now

Alas, I really do not have a excellent answer for you appropriate now. If you landed on this write-up immediately after obtaining Google Chat problems, I’m sorry. You’ve probably presently tried using all the “fixes” out there—clearing details for Provider Providers and Messages, resetting community settings, pulling updates, or even striving beta application. If individuals did not repair it for you, I really don’t know what will.

If you have not experienced any Chat/RCS concerns, then I hope you don’t. As I said, it worked properly for me for months. And it has continued to get the job done beautifully due to the fact reconnecting final weekend.

If you haven’t but enabled RCS or your provider does not assist it at this time, you may want to consider the implications if you decide on to use it. SMS has been about for a very long time, and though it’s not great, it is rock reliable. If you have cell services, SMS will get the job done 99.9% of the time.

That explained, I’m nonetheless sticking with RCS and hoping this disconnect crap does not happen once more. The gains are vast, and the negatives are few—especially if it stays linked all the time.


Microsoft Tends to make You Indicator a Waiver If You Set up Windows 11 on an Unsupported Personal computer



The Windows 11 logo with Windows XP alert icons.

Microsoft’s compatibility checker for Windows 11 is now out there for all consumers. The application, which you can obtain at the bottom of Microsoft’s Home windows 11 webpage, was formerly special to Home windows Insiders. And oddly sufficient, it includes a new waiver for people today with older PCs.

In late August, Microsoft declared that it will enable folks to install Home windows 11 on PCs that do not in good shape the operating system’s strict components needs. The business enjoyed a several days of fantastic push just before clarifying that “unsupported PCs” won’t obtain software program or safety updates and will have to set up the running procedure manually—in other phrases, tens of millions of folks are forced to purchase a new personal computer if they want to safely and securely operate Home windows 11.

The waiver reads: "This PC doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for running Windows 11 - these requirements help ensure a more reliable and higher quality experience. Installing Windows 11 on this PC is not recommended and may result in compatibility issues. If you proceed with installing Windows 11, your PC will no longer be supported and won't be entitled to recieve updates. Damages to your PC due to a lack of compatibility aren't covered under the manufacturer warranty."
Sean Hollister/The Verge

The most current variation of Microsoft’s Windows 11 compatibility checker reiterates the company’s coverage. As reported by The Verge, running the checker on an unsupported Pc prospects you to a waiver stating that “you won’t be entitled to get updates.” It also warns that setting up Home windows 11 could void your manufacturer’s guarantee.

Those hoping for Microsoft to reverse its strict components specifications are SOL. But it’s not the close of the earth. Microsoft will go on to guidance Windows 10 right until 2025, so you don’t have to acquire a new pc just nevertheless. Plus, Home windows 11 is practically equivalent to Home windows 10, and its defining attribute won’t get there right up until 2022.

Supply: Microsoft by way of The Verge

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