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Mondo Duplantis interview: ‘I can’t be Usain Bolt but can be the best pole vaulter who ever lived’



Mondo Duplantis interview: ‘I can’t be Usain Bolt but can be the best pole vaulter who ever lived’


t flits between fast forward and slow motion, the moment Mondo Duplantis vaults higher than any human has ever done before.

And twice in the space of a fortnight he achieved the sensation, first clearing 6.17metres in Poland and then 6.18m in Glasgow before the first lockdown kicked in, and his soaring for new heights was brought crashing back down to earth.

“It’s a little bit of both — fast and slow,” he said of his record-breaking antics. “It’s over in an instant but also, when it happens, you know it’s happening but you don’t believe it’s happening.

“I know what I need to do to make these heights and break the world record but, when things actually go the way you planned, you kind of don’t believe it as you’re going over the bar.”

Landing on the mat on each occasion, the reaction was different. In Torun, the emotion was overwhelming as he hugged anyone in his range and vision and was generally “screaming and going crazy”. In Glasgow, as he puts it, the celebration was more “showboaty”.

Duplantis’s ability to push the boundaries beyond any other have inevitably led to the Usain Bolt comparisons in a sport screaming out for a successor to the Jamaican sprinter.

The USA-born and based Swedish vaulter was World Athletics’ male athlete of the year and is a colourful character to boot.

Of the comparison, he said: “I can only be who I can be. I can’t be Usain Bolt, we’re different people and do different events, so it’s hard to compare us. But what I want to be is the best pole vaulter that ever lived.”

Some would argue the 21-year-old — the same age as Bolt when he first broke the 100metre world record — already is, but Duplantis is adamant that accolade still rests with Sergey Bubka.

AFP via Getty Images

Prior to the lockdown, Duplantis never thought of himself as a much of a showman until the crowds were taken away, and he realised quite how much he fed off an expectant public.


Heather Knight accepts Pakistan tour withdrawal but hopes England Women can check out in long run



Heather Knight accepts Pakistan tour withdrawal but hopes England Women can visit in future


ngland captain Heather Knight suggests the controversial decision to pull out of the prepared tour of Pakistan was “taken out of our hands” and insists it is critical for women’s cricket that they pay a visit to the state in the long run.

England’s ladies were because of to tour Pakistan for the initially time ever as aspect of a joint white-ball tour with the men’s staff, who were returning for the first time since 2005.

Even so, after New Zealand withdrew their men’s workforce from their tour of Pakistan very last 7 days due to a “credible threat”, the ECB announced on Monday that it too was pulling the plug.

That has drawn fierce criticism from Pakistan, who are confident they can give a protected experience for going to teams.

Knight insisted verdicts on the viability of a tour are not for players, or even captains, to take care of and defended the ECB’s ideal to make the phone.

Talking immediately after her side’s a few-wicket defeat to New Zealand at Leicester, she reported: “We found yesterday that the board experienced built the final decision for us not to go and it’s higher than our heads a minimal bit.

“I feel the the dialogue and the communication between the board and PCA (experienced cricketers’ association) is a robust a person, and it was a tough situation with what experienced gone on with New Zealand.

“I feel using it out of our palms is most likely the right issue to do and, and that was finished with a perspective to consider and glimpse soon after the gamers.

“It’s for the persons higher than us to make people selections and for us to to get on with them and take wherever they are.

“Hopefully, someday in the potential we’ll be able to go. I do consider it is significant for them, notably in women’s cricket with what is going on in the location.”

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