Sky Brown interview: ‘I could have died, now I just want to go higher’

Sky Brown interview: ‘I could have died, now I just want to go higher’


ky Brown has been awake since five o’clock and is bubbling with energy.

In many ways, she is a typical 13-year-old, giggling her way through the conversation but then again she is far from the norm.

She is the youngest member of Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics, a record that would not have been possible if her parents had their way.

Dispelling any suggestion of pushy parents, mum and dad Mieko and Stu, both tried to talk her out of the Olympics a year out from the competition, and understandably so.

In June last year, she misjudged a trick on a high ramp, hit the ground, broke her wrist and hand, cracked her skull, blackened her eye, and was airlifted to hospital where she woke up 10 hours later.

“Seriously, they didn’t want me to skate anymore,” she explains of her parents’ pleas. “But that’s the thing I love. The skateboard kind of belongs to me so I can’t stop. I begged them so much but they told me to take it easy.”

But in no time at all, she was back to her old tricks – literally – and has been pushing herself well beyond the manoeuvre that had proved her downfall last summer.

Her parents’ nervousness is understandable – when she came around in hospital, she readily admits she neither knew who she was nor her parents, albeit momentarily.

“The last thing I remember is thinking ‘I’m going to make this one, just do it’,” she said. “But I didn’t and then boom. And my parents didn’t let me watch the accident originally but I was fine with it. It’s good to fall sometimes, which is why I put it out there. My parents didn’t want me to post it but I was like ‘please cos it was cool’.”

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