Afghanistan’s president Ghani flees ‘with helicopter complete of cash’

Afghanistan’s president Ghani flees ‘with helicopter full of cash’

Moscow’s point out news agency RIA Novosti carried a report on Mr Ghani’s key escape from the region at the weekend as the Taliban swept into the cash.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy in Kabul, Nikita Ishchenko, was quoted as expressing: “The collapse of the regime…is most eloquently characterised by how Ghani escaped from Afghanistan: four vehicles were being crammed with dollars, they tried to shove a different element of the cash into a helicopter, but not everything fit.

“And some of the income was remaining lying on the tarmac.”

Questioned by the Related Press about how he knew the aspects of Ghani’s departure, Mr Ishchenko stated “well, we are performing below,” without having featuring any a lot more facts. The agency has not been equipped to independently verify his claims.

Media reports counsel the president fled to the neighboring Tajikistan or Uzbekistan, but there was no formal affirmation of his whereabouts. Russian resources reportedly saying he was now in exile in Oman.

The Kremlin’s Afghanistan envoy, Zamir Kabulov, named Mr Ghani’s flight from Kabul “disgraceful,” introducing he “deserves to be brought to justice and held accountable by the Afghan people”.

In a assertion released on Fb subsequent his departure, Mr Ghani reported he remaining the Presidential Palace in buy to “prevent a flood of bloodshed”.

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