Silvio Berlusconi back in hospital ‘for tests’ spokesman confirms

Silvio Berlusconi back in hospital ‘for tests’ spokesman confirms

“Hospitalisation was required for a thorough clinical evaluation,” a source told AFP, after media reports that the 84-year-old was admitted to Milan’s San Raffaele hospital on Thursday.

The source gave no further details on his condition.

It came after Berlusconi said surviving Covid-19 was “the most dangerous challenge” of his life.

The four-times prime minister and billionaire businessman underwent major heart surgery in 2016 and has also survived prostate cancer.

Last year Berlusconi campaigned from his hospital bed for Forza Italia’s candidates in the regional elections and called on the public to wear face masks.

At the time his personal doctor Alberto Zangrillo, who prematurely insisted the pandemic was over, told reporters that Berlusconi’s recovery had proved that the virus has lost virulence.

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